6 Natural Ways To Soothe Winter Dry Lips

Winter Dry Lips

Beautiful lips play the pivotal role in enhancing your beauty. The gorgeous looking lips enhance your self confidence as well. Similarly, chapped and dry lips will have a negative impact on your dignity and attractiveness. Dry lips are one of the main complaints of winter season. The climatic conditions of the winter season not only bother your skin but also your lips. The skin on the lips is highly sensitive and very thin. Because of the sensitivity, lips can especially get harmed during the winter season. The climate of the winter season can make your lips chapped, cracked, itchy, dry, flaky and painful. The other factors that make your lips dry include dehydration, severe use of the chemical products, and licking lips etc. But, obviously every one desires for the soft, moisturized and smooth lips in the cold days of the winter. You can easily achieve this with some natural ways which we are going to provide in this article.

1. Milk Cream:

Milk cream acts as the natural and powerful lip moisturizer. Fat in the milk cream works miracles in making your lips smooth and soft. For this, you have to dab the milk cream on your lips. Let the milk cream stay on your lips for some time. Then, remove the milk cream from your lips with the help of cotton ball which is dipped in the warm water. With the help of this technique, you can easily gain the rosy and beautiful lips.

Milk Cream

2. Shea Butter:

The amazing moisturizing properties of the Shea butter are highly known to be beneficial in softening your lips. By softening, Shea butter offers you the smooth and attractive lips. This superb ingredient protects your lips from the harsh rays of the sun as well. Take some Shea butter and massage your lips with it for few minutes. This is one of the excellent tips that work great in protecting your lips from the dryness of the winter.

Shea Butter

3. Cucumber:

It is already a known fact that cucumber works wonder on the skin. Many people prefer consuming cucumber in order to enjoy the glowing and clear skin. Besides consuming, applying cucumber on the skin is another great alternative for making it glowing and clear. For this, remove the skin of the small piece of the cucumber and chop it into fine pieces. Now, add the chopped cucumber pieces into the mixture so as to get the juice. Then, apply the cucumber juice on your lips. Do not disturb the cucumber juice for five to ten minutes. After that, cleanse your lips with the water.


4. Glycerin:

Glycerin is one of the amazing ingredients which greatly aids in reducing dryness in your skin. Just take some amount of glycerin and slather on your lips. You have to do this process before your bed time. Keep glycerin on your lips for the entire night. Next morning, wash your lips with the water for noticing the fine and soft lips.


5. Aloe Vera Gel:

Applying aloe vera gel is one of the perfect remedies for managing the dry lips during the winter season. You have to massage your dry lips with the freshly squeezed aloe vera gel. Massage your dry lips with the aloe vera gel for some time. Then, rinse off the lips with water. Repeat this process for several days for eradicating the problem of dry lips.

Aloe Vera Gel

6. Rose Petals:

You can easily make your lips moisturised and hydrated with the help of rose petal paste. Soak some rose petals in the milk for some time. After some time, prepare a fine paste by mixing the rose petals. Then, apply the paste of the rose petals on your lips for three times a day. This method is highly helpful in soothing the dry lips.

Rose Petals