6 Must Know Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Must Know Beauty Tips For Oily Skin
Oily skin takes off the beauty of your face. Have you ever wondered why your face oozes out so much oil? It is because some people have a genetic make up which is responsible for oily skin.oily skin is also called seborrhoea which is caused due to excess secretion of oil by sebaceous glands. This happens because of fluctuating hormones. Fluctuating hormones increase the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels which is responsible for the production of oil or sebum from sebaceous glands. One needs to take good care of the oily skin to avoid problems like acne, black heads, skin by infections etc. because of the excess oil the face looks dull and greasy. However, oily skin also has a positive side. The skin is less prone to ageing and wrinkles, as it locks the moisture within the cells. Following some basic beauty tips you can stay fresh and also away from the skin problems caused by oily skin. So, here are 6 must know beauty tips for oily skin

So, Here Are 6 Must Know Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

1. Wash/cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

Most of the them with oily skin prefer washing face more than three times a day \. But it is better to reduce this. Washing your face can remove all the moisture from your face and can cause more oil production. While washing your face make sure that you are using a face wash, which is suitable for oily skin. You can use gel based cleansers for oily skin. Make sure that you are using a face wash, which contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid with cleansers are irritating to the skin if used many times . always prefer cleansers with ingredients like lemon, tea tree oil, neem and turmeric. See that you are using the face wash only twice a day. If you try to wash the skin more than three times a day, all the natural oils will be lost and the skin will react to produce excess oils than required.
Wash/cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

2. Scrub Your Skin Once A Week-

Use a suitable scrub to exfoliate your skin once a week. Using a scrub will help to remove dead skin and dirt from the face. Generally oily skin attracts lots of dirt, which leads to acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Avoid using scrub more frequently. This may cause wrinkles on your skin. So stick to scrub your skin once a week. Do not be too harsh on your skin while scrubbing.
Scrub Your Skin Once A Week

3. Apply Face Masks Regularly-

As a rule never forget to follow up your face with a face mask after using a scrub. Use face masks that are effective in removing excess . you can either go for a home made face mask or a commercial one available in the market. See that you are using face masks that contain sandalwood powder, fullers earth (multan mitti) Kaolin and Bentonite clay which remove out excess grease. Choosing a correct face mask can hydrate skin, remove excess oil and also improves the appearance of pores. Apart from these face masks also act as deep cleansers on your skin.
 Apply Face Masks Regularly

4. Perfect Makeup-

Never forget to use a primer before applying makeup. Always see that you are using primer at least in the most oily areas of your face. See that you are choosing gel or liquid or powdered based foundations to your skin. Make sure that the liquid foundation is water based and not oil based one. See that you carry a blotting paper that removes off excess oil when your makeup is on. See that you make up kit contains items which are oil free and noncomedogenic, which means they don’t clog your pores of skin.
Perfect Makeup

5. Drink Plenty Of Water-

Water is quite helpful for skin in reducing oil production. Water helps in hydrating your skin and keeps it glowing. When the water intake is reduced sebaceous glands get stimulated and produce more oil to compensate the hydration levels . if a good amount of water is supplied to the skin, the brain gives signals and oil production is stopped. So it is important that you consume enough water per day.
 Drink Plenty Of Water

6. Moisturiser And Sunscreen-

Leave all the myths aside and use an oil free moisturiser for your skin. Even oily skin needs moisturizing and hydration similar to dry skin. If you fail to use a moisturiser the skin will produce more oil and will look greasy again. Similarly sunscreen is also an important for oily skin people. Do not fear for the greasy look but opt a gel based sunscreen which is free from oil. If oily skin people do not use sunscreen they will have issues with pigmentation and brown spots because of exposure to the sun.
 Moisturiser And Sunscreen
So try to follow the above tips and get a glowing skin all the day.