6 Must Have Suede Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

2015 is yet again witnessing the charm of suede, as eminent models and fashionistas are taking a splurge on the material to sport a groovy style. Despite the controversy over using leather products, the fashion world is welcoming suede with all its arms open and even major fashion designers like Chloe and Gucci are flaunting their designs in suede. However; despite having a reputation of being too barbaric and boxy, you won’t have to dread sporting unnatural suede accessories. Here are some suede accessories that you will love and would definitely want to equip your wardrobe with.

6 Must Have Suede Fashion Accessories:

Floor Length Fringe Jacket

Floor length fringe jacket

Pair a light colored toe length dress with a similarly long fringe jacket and you will be all ready to sport a look that’s just perfect for the summers. Avoid going into too much detailing with the jacket and prefer sporting it simple and casually. That way you will be able to bring its real and careless beauty to the foreground. Pair the look with mojaris or ballerinas for that ultra-chic and feminine look.

Suede Trousers

Suede trousers

What can be more luxurious than a pair of suede trousers? With eminent fashion designers playing their hands at making suede more skin friendly, you won’t of course have to worry about your skin getting irritated or pricked by the rough side of suede. With suede trousers becoming popular choice among ladies, you can pair these with knitted tops or sweaters for a more sophisticated and matured look.

Suede Belts

Suede belts

Suede belts to look forward to this year are the ones which have a more streamlined and sophisticated look, instead of being cow-boyish and messy. These newer varieties of suede belts often come paired with metal linings and can be successfully paired with dresses or overcoats. It is due to the streamlined designing of these belts that these appear more futuristic and are therefore the perfect revamps of the earlier fringed varieties of suede belts.

Suede Framed Handbags

Suede framed handbags

Framed handbags have yet again made their way into the mainstream fashion world and the trend becomes trendier when the body is crafted out of suede leather. Look for neutral or softer shades to complement your warm garments. You can even pair a beautifully crafted suede handbag with a pair of denims or palazzo pants to add a twist to your look.

Suede Knee-Length Boots

Suede cannot be paired better with anything than boots and the same theory holds true for this year as well. Suede leather boots are simply perfect with mini dresses and you can even pair the look with a long coat to put up a more sophisticated and polished look.

Suede knee-length boots

Floral dresses as well as solids make perfectly good companions with suede boots. Other than opting for knee-length boots, you can also look out for ankle-length boots to put up a funky and groovy look. This look is particularly very well suited for young ladies and no matter what your age may be, you will definitely fall in love with your suede boots.

Suede Jewelry

Suede jewelry

With suede fashion accessories crowding your entire wardrobe, why keep the material confined to use in simply attires and boots? Designers have used the same concept to come up with some really fashionable and trendy suede jewelry pieces, which mostly have a futuristic look to them. Pair these with your trousers or dresses and you will be all ready to groove the party.