6 Makeup Beauty And Fitness Secrets Of Kim Kardashians


Celebrity women are very often seen to inspire their fans as well as other women to follow the beauty and fitness techniques they use. By woman celebrities it is meant that woman actresses, singers, artists who work in various art fields. But there are some women who are elevated to celebrity status for their beauty alone. Kim Kardashian is one of such celebrities. Kim Kardashian is an Armenian-American woman who gained world wide popularity when some controversial intimate video with her ex husband got leaked on internet. Later she came into limelight with a reality TV show Keeping Up With Kardashians. As told earlier Kim has an unconventional look for an American woman with  very attractive and proportionate physical stature. Kim maintains a daily make up and fitness routine to retain her beauty and look. Women can follow these steps if they want to maintain their beauty and fitness regularly.

Here Are The List Of Makeup Beauty And Fitness Secrets Of Kim Kardashians

Kim’s Use Of Bio Oil For Her Skin

Kim knows that a scar free, even looking gorgeous skin first of all catches attention of people. That is why she uses bio oil in face and other parts of her body to prevent scars, pigmentation, bumps, stretch marks. She prefers bio oil which is rapidly absorbed in skin.

bio oil

Kim’s Use Of Sunscreen To Prevent Sunburn

Kim fears and loathes sun burns. That is why whenever she goes out side in the sun she always applies sunscreen over exposed skin. She once told that she suffered heavily during one of her trips to Mexico without sun screen. For this reason she always carries various types of sunscreens with her.


Kim’s Taking Care Of Her Eyes

With skin Kim knows how to take care of her eye to look smashing. Kim has her own beauty and make up expert who takes care of Kim’s eyes for quite a long time before she goes out. Kim applies mascara over eye lashes and keeps her brows perfectly groomed.


Kim’s Taking Care Of Her Facial Feature

As already told Kim Kardashian has an unconventional look for an American woman. She is aware of it. She always takes care of her facial feature particularly makes the bones on the both sides of her jaw prominent with application of make up that doubles her unconventional beauty.

facial feature

Kim’s Stylish Hairstyles

Kim also is aware of the fact that with a great skin, facial look and body, hairstyle can make difference. She has medium long black hair in great volume in her head. Kim’s favorite hairstyle is straight and loose over both of her shoulders. Sometimes she also does bun, curly loose and ponytail. Braid style is very rare for Kim.


Kim Kardashian’s Daily Work Outs To Keep Herself Fit

Kim Kardashian has fans and admirers all over the world for her attractive physical features. She knows it and in literal sense toils very hard every day to remain fit and in shape. She spends at least an hour daily in her gym . She has her personal trainer who maintains a per day roster for her exercise on daily basis with what kind of instrument she should use and how many repeats would be there. There are even clear mentions of how much rest (in seconds) she should take between her workouts.


With good exercise one should take good and supplemental diet also. Kim is very strict on this issue too. She maintains a calorie take of 1200 per day. She has her food prepared by her personal chef. She is so particular in this that she measures this daily calorie very minutely and if it is increased somehow then she does extra workouts to get rid of it. So you want to maintain a daily beauty and fitness routine following Kim Kardashian. Here are some secrets for you.

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