6 Majestic Lion Tattoo Designs For Women


Women are mostly sensitive people with soft heart. They like flowers, presence of color in life, smiling babies. But when it comes to do tattoos in the body they often prefer animal tattoo designs. There are various types of animal tattoo designs found in the market. Among these lion tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in recent time.

Meaning Of A Lion Tattoo

A lion the the king of animals. A lion with a flowing mane looks majestic and beautiful. For this majestic beauty women prefer lion in the first place. Then it is the sense of  royal strength and power associated with lion that also attracts women. Apart form this Leo is one of the important zodiac symbols. People or women with this sign are thought to be persons with qualities like leadership, ambition, confidence. People with Leo sign are seen to encourage or motivate other people also. Lion is an endangered animal which is only found in Africa and in the state of Gujarat of India. A lion tattoo in body also stands for animal conservation with all those previously stated qualities.

Places In The Body Where A Lion Tattoo Can Be Made

A lion tattoo can be made in places like back, shoulder, arms, hands and in side of the body.

Here Are 6 Majestic Lion Tattoo Designs For Women

Lion Face Tattoo Designs

Of all lion tattoo designs the frontal face of a lion with jaw closed or in roaring mood is the most popular. Plenty of such designs are found in tattoo market. a suitable tattoo for women who have great looking back.


Leo Zodiac Tattoos

A simple Leo zodiac image or outlined lion head stands for the Leo zodiac symbol for women who have or believe in zodiac or horoscope.


Lion With Flower Tattoo Designs

Women lover beauty and fragrance of flower. For this reason there are some interesting tattoo designs that have lion face or head with beautiful flower or flowers in the same image.


Lion With Crown Tattoo Designs

Lion is associated with royal position and kingly power. That is why several exciting lion tattoo designs in the market have lion head with a gorgeous looking crown with jewels on the head.


Lion With Heart Tattoos

People who are generous and have big golden heart are often referred to as lion heart. Several tattoo designs in the market have a lion face inside a heart or a heart just beneath a lion face. Interesting lion face with heart is seen in simple tribal art also.


Baby Lion Or Pride Tattoo Designs

A woman who has children or family with children or love children very much can go for a baby lion or pride tattoo design in the body. Interesting baby lion tattoos even include prehistoric baby lion cave painting tattoo design.


So you want to have a lion tattoo in the body. Kindly choose from the list given here.