6 Home Remedies For Nausea


Nausea is nothing but a kind of a vomiting sensation which is caused by a feeling of uneasiness in the upper stomach region. This discomfort could be caused due to several reasons including too much stress, head ache, motion sickness or even in the case of food poisoning or over eating. Many women have the same type of feeling even during pregnancy.

In nausea though one may feel like vomiting, he/she may actually not vomit. If a person is in too much tension or depression then he/she may be faced with nausea. Nausea could also occur as a side effect of an illness or even as a side effect of medication especially in the case of cancer patients when they are subjected to chemotheraphy.

While mild cases of nausea can be treated effectively by adopting some simple home techniques, if the situation is very serious it would be advisable to visit a health specialist or a doctor at the earliest. The doctor may check the patient and prescribe certain drugs and antibiotics to help treat the condition. At the same time certain home remedies can be definitely given a try which will surely give some relief to the person.

Effective Home Tips For Treating Nausea

Helpful Drinks

Peppermint Tea

Certain homemade drinks truly help to deal with mild to severe feeling of nausea. Peppermint tea is one such drink which prevents spasms from occurring in the stomach which could lead to nausea. Another drink called ginger ale is also a great way to keep nausea at bay. Another useful drink which helps to a great extent is water with baking soda.

To prepare this drink all you need is a glass of clean water to which ½ a spoon of baking soda should be added. This mixture can be had a number of times in a day, especially on days when you have that uncomfortable feeling. It may not taste very good but will will surely help you.

Eating Certain Foods

Protein Rich Foods

Certain foods definitely are said to prevent any form of nausea whether mild or severe. Eating certain foods rich in protein and potassium will help by giving a person the lost energy, thereby keeping the problem away. Hence try increasing the intake of nuts, bananas and other protein rich foods.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise

If you are unable to bear the nausea sensation, trying simple deep breathing exercises should do the trick. All you need to do is to sit straight in a crossed legged position on a bed or a couch.

Now take deep breaths and breathe in and out for 10-15 minutes. This exercise will make you feel relaxed and at the same time may help you get rid of that feeling.

Go To Sleep


One easy way to forget about the vomiting sensation is by going to sleep. Just lay yourself on a comfortable place like your own bed. Try placing a pillow half between your legs and half on your stomach. Place your hands over the pillow, thereby applying some pressure on your stomach. By doing so you will ensure that when you wake up the feeling will disappear.

Citrus Fruit

Citrus Fruits

It is believed that having any type of fruit which is sour could make the feeling better and also can cause your nausea to disappear. The best way to consume the citrus fruit would be in the form of juice. You can try making a healthy juice by blending 2 oranges in a mixer.

Another citrus fruit which could stop nausea is lime juice. To prepare this juice, mix around 8-10 drops of lime juice to 1 cup of water. Add ½ a spoon of sugar along with a pinch of baking soda. This juice will provide you an instant relief.



Mint is said to have a great effect on your taste buds thereby relieving you from any kind of nausea. Boil some water in a vessel and and add a few cleaned mint leaves to it. Let it boil nicely till you can actually get the strong aroma of the leaves. Now pour into a cup and try having the tea with boiled mint leaves which could also help in curing your nausea.

Apart from these home remedies, certain foods could be responsible to cause nausea as an allergic reaction by consuming those foods. Hence, avoiding the intake of such foods like milk and milk products could definitely help.

6 Home Remedies For Nausea