6 Home Exercises To Reduce Flabby Arms

Let’s face it – flabby arms look like batman wings. They sag and they do not look pretty at all. You cannot wear your favorite clothes when you have flabby arms. If you are wanting to reduce your flabby arms to wear nice sleeveless and strapless dresses, we have the fix for you. You need to work for it! In today’s busy world, you do not get time to go to gym but we have something fun and easy for you to lose arm fat. We have listed the 6 Home Exercises to Reduce Flabby Arms. You will enjoy these workouts and you can do them while watching television in between ad commercials. Take a look at the list and start doing them today to get toned and strong arms.

Here Are The 6 Home Exercises To Reduce Flabby Arms:

1. Push Ups

Many women make mistakes doing the push up. They do not go down properly. It is surely tough at first but it is something you can do at home. Push ups are good for your arms as they tone them and your flabby arms will vanish in a month if you keep at it. Do 30 push ups at the start. Increase it to 50. Do 50 every day but make sure you take breaks in between.

Push Ups

2. Chair Dips

Do you know about the chair dips? The chair dips is not something you will get used to in a day but it works wonders for your arms. You need to have a chair for this which will stay a little steady and not make you fall. You need to face away from the chair and keep your arms on the chair. Bend your knees at a distance and do dips. Do not go all the way down. Do 50 chair dips in a day along with push ups.

Chair Dips

3. Air Punches

Now this is a fun exercise that you can easily do anywhere! This does not require any special guidance. This is also a great way to take out your frustration. Punch left, right and center – wherever you feel like. Do the air punches for 100 seconds, take a break and do it again. Do at least 7 repetitions. This alone will not help you to lose flabby arms. You will need to do other exercises too.

Air Punches

4. Planks

The planks exercise is easy but it reaps several benefits. Get in the plank position and hold it for about 90 seconds. Take a break and do it again. Planks exercise is good for your arms! Make sure you do it right because many women get it wrong with the posture.


5. Half Circle Arm Rotation

This is another easy exercise for reducing flabby arms. What you need to do is stand with your feet apart. Now spread your arms to the side and start moving your arms making half circles in the air. Do 50 forward half circles and then do backwards 50 half circles. Do this at least 3 times in a day. This is a great exercises!

Half Circle Arm Rotation

6. Water Bottle Workout

Not all of us have dumbbells. Take a bottle which is filled and weight about 2-3 kgs. Now sit on a chair and hold a bottle with both your hand. Get it on top of your head and then get it back. Do this 20 times and then take a break. Repeat 4 times. This will work your upper and under arms.

Water Bottle Workout

Do these above mentioned workouts every day and give yourself a one day break always. You would need to control your diet as well. You should eat but only healthy food. You will get amazing arms soon – just keep doing these easy home exercises. All the best!