6 Foundations For Women Having Oily Skin

Women with oily skin face many difficulties in carrying out their makeup perfectly because they didn’t get the right cosmetic product for their makeup. It happens many times in their life that they didn’t get desirable beauty duo to unavailability of best foundations for their oily skin especially when they want to attend any special celebrating event like prom nights etc.

Here Are The 6 Foundations For Women Having Oily Skin:

1. Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Matt Oil Free Foundation

This is a fantastic foundation for oily skin which is available with light coverage having matte finishing. This foundation gives natural glow to its regular user and can remove oiliness from oily skin for long time interval. It is the best foundation for daily wear and can be blend easily.

Chambor sheer delight ultra matt oil free foundation

2. Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

This is also an amazing foundation for oily skin that delivers light to medium coverage to its user facial skin. The creamy formula used in the manufacture of this foundation gives dewy finish by controlling oil formation on face.  It is always recommended to apply a moisturizer before applying it to your face so as to attain desirable result in controlling oil formation on face.  Inglot YSM cream foundation comes in warm shade in the market but it can’t hide dark acne for a long time.

Inglot YSM cream foundation

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This foundation for oily skin generally comes in medium coverage with dewy finish. It is a liquid formula based foundation that gives natural look to its sour and also covers redness sign of scars and remove the dead skin cells from the facial skin which are major responsible for acne and scars. This product is an ideal foundation for winter season because it doesn’t give best result in summer season regarding retaining the glory of the skin.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

4. Revlon Now Complexion Foundation

This foundation is beautifully designed with thin watery formula and comes with light to medium coverage. This foundation gives matte finish to the face and works well in acne prone skin. If you own dry skin and user of this foundation then it will settle in pores and will highlights dry patches on such skin. Therefore, it should be applied to only oily skin as dry skin may also realize some other side effects with regular use of this water based foundation.

Revlon Now Complexion Foundation

5. Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This foundation for oily skin comes with medium to full coverage and gives matte finishing to its user facial skin. It can easily last for long time in hot sunny days as it can control formation of oils on skin for long hours comfortably. It is advisable to apply this foundation in a thin layer because thick layered foundation makes the skin cakey clockwise. It is also somehow difficult to blond therefore it must be mix with a moisturizer s as to attain a natural glow on face while using this foundation.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

6. Max Factor Second Skin Foundation

Max factor foundation is made with thick formula and gives light to medium dewy finishing to its regular user. It is well suited to the skin of a woman having acne prone skin and it does not accentuate the peeling skin. However, it doesn’t cover dark marks of pimple on skin tone and gives additional shine to highly oily skin. This foundation is suitable to all types of skin color which makes it ideal choice for plumping acne and scars.

Max factor second skin foundation