6 Foods To Eat For Black Hair

6 Foods To Eat For Black Hair
We all need to accept to a fact that black hair is always beautiful and trendy, irrespective of the craze and passion that people hold for colored hair. If you desire to have black hair then you should be conscious about the diet. Your diet is capable enough to help you to have a healthy life and at the same time, you can achieve the beauty that you desire. Most of us are aware that proper food will help you to have a healthy and glowing skin, but the benefits of food doesn’t stop there. Include the below list of food in your diet so that your hair can be naturally black.

1. Beef’s Liver

Beef’s liver contains high level of zinc and copper in it. This is the most essential ingredient to keep your hair black. Ensure that you don’t boil and drain the water before consuming this. If your drain the water, in which the liver was boiled then all the nutrients will also be washed out. Along with zinc and copper, it also contains high level of cholesterol and hence, you should avoid it if you are very conscious about your weight. Apart from that, this food is a strict no for people with medical conditions related to high cholesterol and heart attack. [1] 
Beef’s Liver

2. Reishi Mushroom

This is one of the reasons due to which you will never find Chinese people with grey hair. Reishi mushroom is widely found in China and it is loved by people there. This will help to prevent the regrowth of grey hair and this can be consumed by you on daily basis. You can pan fry this with some pepper and salt so that you can add some taste to this. If you are able to have it raw, then that’s the best gift that you can give to yourself. People who are very conscious about their weight can include this in their diet as this has huge fiber content in it. Most countries don’t have Reishi mushroom readily available so in that case, you can have Reishi mushroom powder which is available throughout the world. [2] 
Reishi Mushroom

3. Fatty Fish

You should consume fishes like mackeral, anchovies, salmon and sardines. They contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. It is very good for growth of hair and at the same time, the new hair would be black. These fishes normally have a shorter life span as they are found at the bottom of food chain. Due to their shorter life span, they will not have mercury accumulation in their body. This is one of the best reasons for you to try these fishes. [3] 
 Fatty Fish

4. Spinach

This is one of green leafy vegetables, which is known for the high level of iron content in it. This will help you to stay fit and at the same time, help you to look beautiful and have a long dark hair. Include this in your diet for two times in a week and you will be impressed with the results. You shouldn’t have this in excess as our body will not be able to digest excess iron. If you are pregnant then you should have it only once in two weeks as your doctor would have already prescribed some medications to improve your iron content. This may add on to the extra iron content, which may not be good for you and your baby’s healthy. [4]

5. Carrots

Most of us are aware of the basic medical fact that carrots are good for your eyes, but its benefit doesn’t end there. Carrots have huge quantity of beta-carotene and they are converted to Vitamin A, during the digestion process. Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for the body to function. This will help you to get rid of problems like dry scalp, grey hair and also itchy dandruff. Apart from carrot, you can also include sweet potatoes and yam in your regular diet to ensure that your body receives the required quantity of Vitamin A. [5] 

6. Eggs

This is a wholesome food that can offer many benefits to health and also to our hair. Eggs contain high levels of protein in it. Apart from proteins, it also contains sulphur, selenium and zinc in it. All these nutrients are necessary to have long and black hair. If you are very health conscious then you can start your day with eggs. Have this for breakfast, you will feel full till afternoon. [7] 
Include the above mentioned food items in your diet and you will be surprised with the results. These food items should be consumed continuously so that your hair is strong enough to fight against problems like hair loss, greyness, dandruff and dryness.