6 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odors Naturally

Vaginal Odors Strong vaginal odor is an extremely embarrassing problem which is attributed to lack of female personal hygiene. It is normal for the vagina to emit a unique odor.

The odor which emanates from the vagina is mostly mild. But there are instances when women have to deal with extremely unpleasant vaginal odor. Vaginal odor can range from a mild musty smell to a strange metallic smell to an extremely disgusting fishy smell.

An Insight Into Vaginal Odors

Strong vaginal odors have been put down to an imbalance in the natural pH of the vagina. The vagina is the natural breeding ground for good bacteria particularly lactic acid bacteria. Under certain specific circumstances, the good bacteria are overridden by certain strains of bad bacteria.

Vaginal Thrush And Its symptoms

When there is a sudden spurt in the growth of bad bacteria inside the vagina, it can lead to excessive vaginal discharge accompanied by a strong, unpleasant smell. Vaginal odors typically accompany vaginal discharge.

The intensity of vaginal odors is influenced by the monthly menstrual cycle, bacterial infection like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, sudden hormonal fluctuations and the kind of food that a woman consumes. Sometimes, a new medication or a particular supplement  can also trigger strong vaginal odors. Feminine odors are often accompanied by vaginal irritation, burning sensation or itchiness.

Effective Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odors

Vaginal odors cannot be masked by washing private parts with mild soap and water. A woman has to understand the exact reason or reasons behind vaginal odor, and take appropriate measures to curtail the unpleasant smell emanating from that region.

There are numerous natural ways to counter unpleasant vaginal odors. Through this article we will examine some specific steps which every woman can adopt to get rid of strong vaginal smells.

Pay Careful Attention To Your Diet

Dietary intake and vaginal odors are linked in more ways than one. Women who consume a lot of sugary foods as well as processed foods like bread, biscuits, pasta may notice an unpleasant smell originating from their vagina.

Diet for Burning Fat

The incidence of vaginal yeast infection – which gives rise to strong vaginal odors – increases when women consume high amounts of sugary foods and / or processed foods. To combat strong vaginal odors, women have to curtail their intake of beverages like beer and coffee.

Eat Plenty Of Citrus Fruits

Juicy citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C. Vitamin C not only boosts the immune system, but it also helps to keep nasty vaginal odors at bay. The high content of vitamin C which is present in citrus fruits helps to eliminate the toxins which accumulate inside the body.

Similarly, vitamin C also aids in the growth of good bacteria inside the vagina. The natural pH balance of the vagina is restored when there is a marked increase in the presence of good bacteria. This in turn can help to eliminate strong, unpleasant vaginal smells.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Make it a point to drink a minimum of eight full glasses of water every day, if you want to get rid of vaginal odors. A well hydrated body is free of toxins. Water helps to eliminate the nasty bacteria which reside in the body.

Drink Enough Water

The body sugar levels can also be brought down by drinking a lot of water. As we already known high body sugar levels is one of the main culprits behind vaginal odors. By reducing the sugar levels you can automatically get rid of the unpleasant smell emanating from the vagina.

Apply Tea Tree Oil

This is a little known but an extremely effective remedy for vaginal odor problem. Make a tea tree oil solution by dissolving two drops of pure tea tree oil in about six ounces of purified water. Now dip a clean cotton ball in this solution and gently daub it around the vaginal region.

The strong anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil can help to eliminate vaginal bacterial and/ or yeast infections which are primarily responsible for vaginal odors. Remember not to apply tea tree oil solution on a daily basis as it can give rise to other health problems.

Have Plenty Of Fresh Yogurt

To fight unhealthy bacteria and get rid of the fishy vaginal odors, consume plenty of fresh yogurt  Fresh yogurt can help to restore the good bacteria inside the vagina.

consume plenty of fresh yogurt

This can help to eliminate strange vaginal odors. However, women who suffer from the problem of vaginal odors should stay away from sweetened yogurt and fruit yogurt.

Drink Chlorophyll Solution

To make the chlorophyll solution, to combat strong vaginal smells, dilute approximately one large tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll (easily available in most health stores) in eight fluid ounces of water. Now drink this solution. Have this concoction twice a day. The problem of unpleasant vaginal odors will be eliminated completely.

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