6 Easy Tips To Look Good Naturally And Save Money


Some girls believe in buying all possible cosmetic products that cost a fortune. The result is that half of their income goes into such products. Sure cosmetics are a boon because they provide quicker results. But sometimes, you don’t have to really spend all of that money. You can get natural skin care at home, using remedies out of the kitchen. And the best part is that you get amazingly healthy and glowing skin. So look good naturally andy save money.

6 Easy Tips To Look Good Naturally And Save Money

Natural Face Cleaners

One of the best ways to start off would be using natural cleaners that are available in the house. You don’t have to really buy them. For instance, gram flour is an amazing way to clean both the hair and your skin. Just mix with some milk and massage all over the face. You can also wipe your face with raw milk to get your own homemade cleansing milk. These can be used all over the body. For the hair, just mix it yogurt and apply for cleansing hair.

Gram Flour

Natural Exfoliators Without Spending A Penny

Imagine all of those vegetables in the kitchen where the peels goes to waste. Did you know that they are actually one of the best exfoliating agents you can lay your hand on. Grab some cucumber or tomato peels and then puree them in the blender. Next scrub your face all over. You can also add some leftover rice flour to this. Another quick solution here is the honey and sugar mask. Just mix together in equal quantities and scrub the face well to exfoliate the natural way.


Natural Home-Made Moisturising Agents

You can nourish your skin using moisturising agents from the kitchen or even from the leftover fruits and veggies. For dry skin, you can use the cream that sets on top of the milk. Massage all over the face and leave it on. For oily skin, you can find some leftover berries or tropical fruits like orange. They provide your face with a dose of vitamin C and keep the skin nourished. For people with sensitive skin you can use some leftover or very ripe banana and papaya. Apply the same on the face.

ripe banana

Fight Skin And Scalp Infections Naturally

Natural acne solutions are a problem along with dandruff and acne. For itchy scalp and hair, apply yogurt on the hair along with some tea tree oil. For the face, you can mix the leaves of the Indian lilac with some tea tree oil. Then just apply on the face and watch the magic. You can also grow aloe vera at home and use the gel of the same for these issues. A natural and cost free solution.


Getting Rid Of Tan

The next time you throw away those orange and lemon peels think again. You just have to dry out these peels in the oven or even in the sun. Then store both of these in a jar in the refrigerator. Add some water, milk or even yogurt to them for getting rid of tan. It provides a healthy vitamin boost. Tomatoes juice works here to for getting rid of tan and you barely add that cost to your beauty routine.


Fight Of Wrinkles With Fruit And Vegetable Peels

Again, the peels of all the vegetables and fruits that go wasted including, orange, lemon, water melon, grapes, etc. are perfect for making an anti-ageing mask. This works amazingly well on the skin to fight ageing and gives you nourishment too.


So look gorgeous the natural way, even as you save money!