6 DIY Skin Smoothner Ways To Get Sexy Legs This Summer


Sometimes it creates a dilemma in women mind when they think of shaving their legs. Females try to formulate many home remedies or ways to shave their legs but every time they don’t get the results they look for!

Here Is The Way To Achieve Smoother Skin Legs In Summer


11/4 cup sugar , ½ cup oil ( can use any oil like olive oil, baby oil, coconut oil, canola oil etc) , 3 tablespoons citrus juice (lemon or lime) , Razor


Mix The Ingredients

Just take a jar with you and mix all the things together. Please be careful if you taking a glass jar with you in bath or shower.


Soak Your Legs In Water

Firstly soak your legs into the water tub and feel the pleasant touch of water around your legs. Just do your other stuff side by side so that the legs get time to be soaked in properly.


Apply The Mixture

After 5 minutes, apply the mixture on your legs. Yes that is the touch of beauty you are looking for! Apply the mixture on your legs and rub it properly. While you do this, all the ingredients start their working on your skin.


Let The Ingredients Do Their Work

The sugar essence removes the dirt and dead skin from your legs, the lemon juice peals up the brighter and smoother skin of your legs whereas oil as we know penetrates deep into skin and gives you the long lasting moisture.

dead skin

Shave your legs

After rubbing the mixture for about 2 to 3 minutes just take your razor up and shave your legs slowly and properly. Ahhh! Feeling pretty good right? Well it’s just a beginning and steps need to be following again. Follow the same step again but while doing it the second time, clear the floor of bathroom so that it does not give a slippery surprise to someone who enters the bathroom after you.


After following these steps just go out from shower and apply a lotion on your legs and yes here the skin touch you wanted right? An easy way to get sexy and shiny summer legs with a skin tome which you can’t get your hands off.