6 Cooling Homemade Face Masks To Beat The Summer Heat

6 Cooling Homemade Face Masks To Beat The Summer Heat

Summers come with a lot of skin issues. Along with the increasing temperatures, the hat inside our body can too make the skin dry and rough. The heat rashes and rough skin can be a result of rising temperatures. But if you do not want to make your skin affected with the rising temperature, you can use some cooling and refreshing ingredients to make your skin flawless and smooth. There are some special natural ingredients which can work miracles on your skin and make it refreshing in summers. The heat of summers won’t be able to affect your skin if you are using these cool and nourishing ingredients.

Here Are Some Cool Hydrating And Refreshing Masks To Beat Heat This Summer!

1. Mint And Turmeric Mask

Mint is a pure refreshing ingredient which would never fail to replenish and nurture your skin during summers. If your skin feels extremely dry and under conditioned, you can use this amazing mask to prevent your skin. Mix turmeric powder and mint and apply this soothing mask on your face. This would get you adorable skin with a smooth texture and refreshing feel.


2. Watermelon Face Mask

Watermelon is ion e of the healthier foods which can beat summer heat and get you adorable skin. Watermelon is filled with numerous fluids and skin enriching elements which can battle summer heat in a go! Crush some watermelon pieces and prepare a paste. Apply this extremely soothing paste on your face and feel your skin getting nurtured and rejuvenated. This is one of the most amazing masks you must try this summer!

Watermelon Pulp

3. Avocado And Honey Face Mask

Avocadoes are filled with natural enzymes, ant oxidants and rare a rich source of numerous minerals which can make your skin super smooth along with refreshing. Mix some avocado paste and honey and apply this intense repair gel on your face. This mask would condition your skin and make it suppler with each application.

Avocado and Honey Face Mask

4. Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumbers are amazing and with the nutritional value and fluids it consists, it can promote blood flow and get you refreshing feel whenever you apply this mask. Rub the refreshing cucumber slices on your face or you can extract fresh cucumber juice and apply this on your face. Use chilled juice for a more thrilling and cooling feel and you would surely get addicted to this mask!


5. Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask

Aloe Vera gel is a natural herbal ingredient which comes with uncountable benefits when it comes to skin. If your skin feels dry, rough and undernourished, you must use this amazing ingredient to make your skin bright, supple and nourished. Go for this super hydrating mask if your skin is affected by hot temperatures and feels undernourished. Extract some fresh aloe Vera gel from the plant and apply t directly on your skin and feel awesome this summer!

Aloe Vera

6. Cool Sandalwood Face Mask

Sandalwood powder is magical ingredient which can simply work miracles over the skin. Sandalwood is soothing elements which can fight eat rashes and all the skin related issues. This ultimate soothing ingredient, when mixed with rose water would get your skin flourished with aroma and beautiful texture. If you want to fight heat along with some amazing soothing ingredients, go for the sandalwood and rose water mask and fall in love with your gorgeous skin this summer!