6 Breathtaking Short Hairstyles For Black Women

6 Breathtaking Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Nothing and no one comes close to the heart quenching and bold looks that black women dare to flaunt, and kill them with grace. And when speaking of black women, how can one let slip the chic, bold, street smart and sassy hairstyles they shock the world with? While people dwell with the outdated idea that it’s easier to choose correct and highly innovative hairstyle ideas for long or medium length hair, we have actually come up with 6 very much in-trend hairstyles that black women with short hair can totally nab and nail. Have a look at our list and try these eye catching hairstyles to bring out the best of class in you with ease.

1. Tapered Curls:

Forget your age and the depth of your dark colour and try this sassy hairstyle. This street cool curly hairstyle is sure to go well with all kinds of dresses, bodycons, jeans and bohemia looks. You may heavily accessorize or leave it bare with this hairstyle. Add a twist of auburn, burgundy or multi shades of brown, twice darker or lighter than the real colour of your real hair, on top of the curls, while keeping the bottom roots natural.

Tapered Curls

2. Streaked Short Bob:

This multicoloured streaked hairstyle adapts to the tone of all dark skinned women. This celebrity preferred hairstyle reflects a bold look with its one side longer layer than the rest of the hair. It looks best on straight hair. You can even blend three of four colours at once. Try warm shades of dark silver, blue, chocolate brown, burgundy and even gold, or blend them all.

Streaked Short Bob

3. Bang Hairstyle:

Dare to bare this highly innovative hairstyle to get the glamourous you. Its one side over the eye layer pattern will especially complement black women with broader forehead. Part your hair into two uneven sections, colour the sharper and broader layer lighter than the other side shorter hair to get a contrasting look. Accessorize minimal to channelize all the focus on the hairstyle more than the clothes.

Bang Hairstyle

4. Shaved Hairstyle

This short hairstyle for black women majorly gets its inspiration from army cut. This blooming hairstyle, against all beliefs, gives black women with short hair a fair chance to play with innovative patterns. You may shave a section of your hair from the back or side to the length of army cut and twist the rest of your hair in short twigs or short braids. You can also draw irregular criss crossed patterns, revealing thin clean portions of your scalp and buns on the middle of every section, and so on.

Shaved Hairstyle

5. Baby’s Hairstyle:

This one of its kinds of hairstyle for black women with short hair is a killing trend in 2017. The highlight of this hairstyle is its scalp sticking clean look without any sectioning at the center of the hair. Majorly, all the hair are titled unidirectionally and there’s no visible scalp portion. You can flaunt it as your real hair colour, streak it as well as colour it.

Baby's Hairstyle

6. Edgy Hairstyle:

Now this is one super seductive short hairstyle for black women who prefer a touch of feminism and not street chic look. The simple concept behind this hairstyle is decorating one edge of the scalp in different patterns, ranging from criss cross cuts to braids with visible scalp edges and even simple bob cut. And the other edge has thicker and fluffier hair that can be curly, braided, bunned and even streaked.

These 6 super sexy, feminine and chic short hairstyles are sure to make you stand out from the rest around you. Other than these glamorous hairstyles, you can also keep it simple with the usual pixie cut.