6 Best Ways To Remove Leg Hair

 Remove Leg Hair

Unwanted hair on the legs is something that no girl wants. Be it long or short, thick or thin, visible hair on the legs can stop you from wearing the best of the outfits. So this means that you are not wearing short skirts or sporting shorts during the warm season. But here are some simple tips and tricks to remove hair from the legs.

6 Best Ways To Remove Leg Hair:


A quick and easy way to get rid of hair on the legs would be through waxing. You have the option to get half legs done, which is a bit above the knees or even opt for a full leg wax that goes right up to the butts. Basically waxing gives you an edge here because you get super smooth legs without trying too hard. It also helps in getting rid of some ingrowth of hair too. These days cold wax versions are also available that will help you try waxing at home. They come in form of strips that can be easily tried at home.


Pumice Stone

Since it is the legs, you can use a gentle or exfoliating pumice stone for getting rid of unwanted hair. The pumice stone helps in opening the pores and the hair is gently removed from the roots. However, it might not really target complete hair growth and some spots could be left. But make sure that you are gentle or else you can hurt yourself.

Pumice stone

Gram Flour And Orange Peel Pack

This is one of the homemade methods for removing hair from the legs. For this remedy, you need to make a paste of gram flour with some dried orange peel. Apply the pack all over the legs and let it dry. Once dry, take a little bit of oil and then rub the area well. As you are scrubbing the hair from the legs will come off gently. This process may take time but it sure provides results.

Gram Flour And Orange Peel Pack


Shaving is an easy option for the legs as you long as you make sure that you are using a lady shaver and not a men’s razor. There is a difference between the blades and technique in the two. Also use a gentle moisturizer or soap when shaving the legs as it makes it easier. A rule of thumb here would be to always moisturize post shaving. This prevents rough or thick hair growth. This is one of the easiest methods for removing hair from the legs. One problem is that hair regrowth is much faster here.


Hair Removal Creams

You can easily get these in the market that helps in getting rid of unwanted hair on the legs. The hair creams helps to keep hair growth away for as long as 3-4 weeks. This is a quick method that can be easily tried any where.

Hair Removal Creams

Permanent Hair Removal

These days you can easily get solutions for permanent hair removal. They include techniques like laser therapy or machine therapy where the hair follicles are gently burnt off. As a result, there is no hair growth in that area. This one can turn out to be an expensive technique though and you should make sure that you get it down from dermatologists or professional experts. Costs are higher in this case but you can be assured of results for a lifetime and not worry about having hair legs ever again.

Laser Hair Removal