6 Best Blushes Available In The Market

Blushes Available In The Market

Blush is a solo makeup item that can also enhance your glow and charm even when used alone. It adds a hint of subtle hue to the cheekbones all along the ears or eyes, as you desire. You can always find one that will suit your complexion and undertone. But not all blushes are good. Some do end up running the skin’s texture. You wouldn’t want to wear an alcohol based or a drying blush that compromises with quality. Some blushes may even fail to glide properly and might not blend with the bronzer and highlighter at all. Thus, to help you have a knowledge of what to put on and what not to wear, we have listed below 6 best and worst blushes.

1. Maybelline Color Show Blush

This is a super nourishing blush from Maybelline that is reasonably priced. It doesn’t dry the skin and gives an even coverage. It never leaves a cakey or heavy feeling. It is super soft and easily blends with your bronzer and highlighter for a seamless finish. It is available in a range of 3 shades. You can always find the one that will go well with your undertone and complexion. The best of all its features is, it is non drying and never results in a breakout. It doesn’t bind to the pores. Thus, it doesn’t result in pore enlargement. It is everlasting, since the colour begins to mildly fade after 7 hours of perfect glow. Thus, it is an all day blush that doesn’t need any touch up for 7 hours.

Maybelline Color Show Blush

2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Le Blush

This blush by L’Oreal is much more than just a basic blush. It not just adds mild tint and glow to the cheeks, it easily glides on all the imperfections and conceals them completely. It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a skin friendly antioxidant that even protects the skin from free radical damage. This blush is feather soft and makes the skin as soft as a velvet. It is available in a range of 6 shades. Needless to say, it is non comedogenic and non allergenic. It lasts for over 6 hours and doesn’t crack the makeup.

3. Milani Baked Blush By Luminoso

This super hydrating blush is available in a range of breathtaking 11 shades. It adds a hint of shimmer when applied. It is deeply pigmented. You need not to keep applying layer over layer, since you will get your desired hue within 2 swatches. Thus, it caters to the needs of women who love deep tints with mild shimmer for added glow. It is so soft and light that it glides perfectly on the skin even without a primer. It can perfectly contour your face and bring out the best of your looks and features. It is non drying and non comedogenic. It can stay up for as long as 7 hours without fading or smudging.

4. Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On

This is an ideal blush for women with oily skin, because it absorbs extra sweat that reduces unnatural glare from the cheeks. It is available in 3 deeply pigmented nourishing shades that are non drying. Being light and soft, it is quite easy to get the desired amount to gently of blush on the brush. It is not like loose powders. Thus, it doesn’t scatter in the air. It needs not to be built up, because it adds creamy tint within one single swatch. It is completely matte and blend with the bronzer very easily.

5. NYX Cream Blush

This creamy blush from the house of NYX Cosmetics comes in various deep pigmented colours. It is lightweight and non drying. However, it is non sticky and doesn’t crease or melt. It smoothens the skin and the texture looks even with a hint of soft tint. It is loaded with the goodness of skin hydrating minerals and oils and gives an opaque coverage. It can last for over 8 hours without fading. It is sweat proof and never results in an acne breakout.

6. CC Beauty Mineralize Cheek Blush Powder

This is a matte blush that offers opaque coverage without blocking the skin pores. It hides enlarged pores too. Most of its shades go well with women having fairer skin tone. It is non sticky and non chalky. It is non comedogenic too. It doesn’t dry the skin and can last for over 7 hours without creasing or fading. It is devoid of artificial fragrance too. It is suitable for all skin types.

The given 6 blushes are your ultimate rescue for last minute touch ups and are high quality products. They are durable and reasonably priced as well.