6 Best Acupuncture Points For Restful Sleep

6 Best Acupuncture Points For Restful Sleep

Finding it difficult to fall asleep? No tension, just try the simple acupressure every day before bed and see the magic happen. These pressure points have been identified and used since ages to relieve stress and tension and enable you to calm down your mind and body and help you get good sleep. In this ancient therapy, pressure is applied to different points called acupoints in our body. Pressing these acupoints along the pathways of our nervous system helps in stimulating energy flow in the body thereby helping to overcome various ailments. A study has found that acupressure is an effective way to aid insomniac patients to get better quality and longer sleep. Simply try simple massage or apply gentle pressure on the points listed below and get a sound sleep.

Acupuncture Points For Sleep

1. Shimien

The acupuncture point located at the bottom of the feet, exactly at the center point of the heel, is the best spot you can apply pressure on to relive sleep related problems, especially insomnia. It is a soft spot, which would not hurt on applying pressure. Apply firm pressure using your fingers in circular motion for two minutes on both feet to get better sleep.

2. K6 And B 62

The acupressure points situated on the ankle bones as well as the heels have been used traditionally for treating sleep disorders. K6 is the point on the inner heel just below your ankle bone and B 62 is the point on the outer heel below your ankle bone. These points are called joyful sleep and calm sleep respectively. Gently press these points for 2 to 3 minutes, which will enable you relax and get a good night sleep.

3. An Mian

Positioned on the sides of the head, An Mian, is a point that promotes relaxation and improves sleep for sure. You can locate the point on both sides of the neck, just behind the ear lobes is a soft depression where the neck muscles meet the jaws line. Apply mild but steady pressure using your index finger for 15 minutes to feel heavy eyed and fall into deep sleep.

An Mian

4. PC6

Referred as Neiguan or the inner gate, the point on the arms just below the wrist are used traditionally in acupressure to treat insomnia and anxiety. Place three fingers just below the wrist on your forearm and the point exactly below the last finger in the mid of your forearm is the PC6 point. Pressing the point, a bit hard for a minute using your thumb will relax your body and mind and help you get sound sleep.


5. LU 9 And HT 7

Located on the wrist line just below the thumb and the pinky on the insides of the forearm are the points LU9 and HT 7 respectively. These points are commonly used to treat sleep disorders and reduce anxiety, overexcitement, cold sweat, palpitation, irritability, etc and induce sleep. Press these points for 30 seconds in circular motion and switch sides and repeat the same for three times.

5. GV24.5

Governing Vessel 24.5 or GV24.5 is the best acupoint for sleep apnea. Applying pressure on this point will stimulate restful sleep and calms your mind. The acupressure point is also known as third eye point and is located between the eyebrows, where the forehead meets the bridge of your nose. Besides relaxing the nervous system, the point will also relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear and panic attacks.