6 Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum For Skin


Vitamin C is a vital body nutrient and has tremendous benefits for skin. The vitamin is required for 8 kinds of enzymatic reactions within the body and is actively required for the synthesis of collagen. The skin is composed of collagen protein and the protein is also found in other areas of the body like ligaments, blood vessels, teeth dentin and tendons among others. Hence deficiency of Vitamin C directly causes skin conditions including photo-damage or the damage caused to the skin cells because of Ultra Violet rays of the sun.Vitamin C has high concentrations in the epidermis and dermis layers of skin. Factors that may cause vitamin C deficiency (apart from a diet deficient in the vitamin) include smoking, excessive exposure to UV rays and pollutants.

We are all exposed to sun rays and pollutants and habits like smoking further deteriorate health including skin health. The Vitamin C serum offers high amounts of L-Ascorbic acid to the face and other body areas to which they are applied. The serums are now available in varying concentrations and hence you can start with a serum of 10% strength and then gradually increase the topical application to a 20%-concentration serum. The serums have immense benefits for your skin health.

Here Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum For Skin


Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means to say that the substances and compounds that compose the vitamins clear the free radicals from the body. Free radicals are the harmful ionic substances that are produce inside the body because of metabolic processes and cause damage to the cells and tissues.


Collagen Production

Collagen is a very important body protein and as said earlier is a constituent of skin layers and other components of the body. As the protein binds the skin cells, a Vitamin C serum gives you a firm, elastic and sag free skin on face and other body areas.


Regeneration Of New Skin Cells

Vitamin C helps the body to get rid of old and damaged skin cells and is vital for the growth of new skin cells.


Repair And Restoration

Vitamin C helps the body to repair the damaged skin cells and restores skin cells to their original healthy condition.


UV Rays Protection

Adequate Vitamin C content in the skin and body helps to prevent damage that is caused by the Ultra Violet or UV rays of the sun. As the skin cells are more prone to diseases like cancer that may be caused by overexposure to the UV rays, it is very necessary to apply a Vitamin C serum on you face and skin areas (that are exposed to the sun) when you go out at high noon and mid-day.

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Application Of Vitamin C Serum

You must follow the correct way when applying the Vitamin C serum. Damp you face with some clean water and apply the serum of neck, face and other areas of the body that may be exposed to sun areas. After the serum dries sufficiently, apply the moisturizer. It is better to apply moisturizers with higher SPF sunscreen. The procedure should be followed precisely because if the sunscreen moisturizer is applied first then the Vitamin C serum will not get absorbed fully inside the skin. The serum should be kept in a refrigerator for storing purposes as this storage will prevent the serum from getting oxidized early.