6 Ayurvedic And Herbal Soaps Available In The Market

For a fresh and clean face, we need to wash our face and for this we use many soaps, but some of the soaps have the harmful chemical content in it, which has adverse effect on the face as well as on the skin, so we should use the soap, that it mild on the skin, ayurvedic soaps are made up of the herbal and natural contents, they are good on the skin without any side effects, now a days it is trend to use these soaps, here is the list of the some of the soaps that you get in the market.

1. Medimix

Medimix is one of the best ayurvedic soap available in market. This soap comes with unique formula, as it is made with 18 precious herb that helps in solving many skin problems. Due to antiseptic properties, this soap works well against problematic skin such as, it removes pimples, dark spots, boils, body smell. The packaging of this soap is classic, as it comes in green color box and the appearance of this herbal soap is in simple green color. This soap is free from any chemical and it is having a mild herbal kind of smell. This ayurvedic soap is made with natural ingredients, so it is safe for all type of skin specially for the oily and sensitive skin people.

2. Lotus Honey Moist Cleansing Bar

This soap comes in two color combination with one half is in transparent yellow color and solid pink color on the other side. This soap is loaded with natural ingredients such as alovera, fenugreek extract, rosewater and honey. The lather of this soap is so foamy when applied on the skin, it easily melted also and the fragrance of this soap is like rose flower. This herbal soap is suitable for both oily and dry skin type of people and helps in making your skin flawless, whiter and brighter with help of natural ingredients.

3. Himalaya Ayurvedic Neem And Turmeric Soap

Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap is ayurvedic soap which has the dark green color, it contains goodness of neem and turmeric. This affordable soap helps in purifying your skin as well as makes your skin feel fresh and improves your skin texture. The neem oil and turmeric extracts present in this, act as antibacterial and antiseptic agent that helps in removing pimples, boils, acne and itchiness on your skin. The soap also helps in enhancing your skin complexion due to presence of turmeric in it and also suitable for people who have normal to oily skin, every bathroom should have this soap.

4. Khadi Mix Fruit Soap

This khadi mix fruit soap is an amazing beautiful ayurvedic soap that cleanses your skin deeply, with goodness of fruits that present in it. This hand made soap enriched with coconut oil, that moisturizes your skin very well, glycerin makes your skin soft an supple, sweet almond oil helps in nourishing your skin and olive oil. The appearance of this soap is so eye catching, as it looks white in color with many of fruit marbles like shape that shows varieties of fruit with yellow base. The use of this refreshing soap is perfect in summer season, because it gives you squeaky clean skin, without any side effect.

5. Vaadi Herbal Anti-Acne Soap With Tea Tree & Clove Oil

This soap is loaded with antimicrobial properties, because of the active compound like terpenoids present in it that helps in reducing the sebum production and fights with acne producing germs, dirt and bacterial on your skin. This is very effective soap for acne prone skin, that makes your skin feels good and rejuvenated. This is a good quality ayurvedic hand made soap also contains cloves oil and tee tree oil, which has a astringent and antibacterial properties, that helps in tighten the large pores also kill acne causing bacteria.

6. Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap

This is one of the best ayurvedic exfoliating and preservative free soap present in market. This soap has unique formula, as it contains orange zest, orange oil, Azadirachta indica, soap nut, turmeric, musk root, walnut and margosa. This soap is tested by dermatologist. This soap cleanses your skin as well as it also removes dirt, impurities that present on skin, it provides natural glow to your facial skin. This orange color soap does not contains any harmful chemicals, paraben, it is suitable for all type of skin. This is revitalizing body soap that exfoliates dead cell of skin and gives you brighter, smoother and super fresh skin even in summer season.