6 Amazing Chest Exercises And Benefits For The Women

6 Amazing Chest Exercises And Benefits For The Women
Both men and women have different body structure, we can perform the same exercise for both the men and the women. Men do the chest exercises, they lift up the much heavy weights to get the big chest, but women can do weight lifting, but they can also do the chest exercises, as their exercise are quite different but these exercises are good for the ladies to get in shape, they can do it to the gym or in the home by using some of the simple tools, here is list of the chest exercises and the benefits for the women.

Here Is List Of The Chest Exercises And The Benefits For The Women.

1. Camel Pose Chest Exercise:

Camel pose is a simple chest stretch exercise, you can do it at any time at any place, just do it with the empty stomach, all you need to bend on the flat surface by your knees, the now you need to take a deep breathe and bend backwards by making the arc to the bake and hold the toe to with the hand hold the positions for about the 20 seconds, this will give shape to the chest of the women.
Camel Pose Chest Exercise

2. Seated Dumbbell Fly Chest Exercise:

Dumbbell fly is the best chest exercise for the women, this will give shape to the chest, also it will remove the fat of the lower chest area, it will give shape to the shoulders and the triceps, to do this exercise, we need to sit on the Swiss ball, hold a little weight dumbbell in it, bend your hands, so that it will be parallel to the head, now slowly close the elbows while squeezing your shoulder, hold the position for sometime and then comeback to the rest position, do the 10 repetitions of about the 4 sets.
Seated Dumbbell Fly Chest Exercise

3. Bench Press Chest Exercise:

Bench press is the most common exercise to give shape to the chest of the women, also bench press is good to get the shape of the shoulders, you need to lie on the bench press machine, hold the barbell slightly more to the shoulder width, pull the barbell towards the chest while inhaling and push the barbell while squeezing the chest, you should to the 4 sets of the 10 repetitions, here you can change the angle of the bench press to the flat, incline and decline.
 Bench Press Chest Exercise

4. Push Ups For Chest:

If you don’t go to the gym daily, but want a good shape to the chest at home, then you can go for the push ups, this is the basic chest exercise, but the results are pretty good, you need to place you palms to the ground, slightly wider than the shoulder width, you need to make an arc with the back and the body, should be in full stretch, now slowly bend towards the floor while your elbows should bend to outwards, as you chest is close to the ground, hold the position for about the 5 seconds, then again, come back to the rest position, do the 3 sets of 12 repetitions.
 Push Ups For Chest

5. Incline Dumbbell Press Chest Exercise:

Incline dumbbell press is a upper chest exercise, that gives shape to the upper chest, it is a pretty simple exercise, you need to take a incline bench, place you back on the incline bench by making an arch, hold dumbbell in your hands and raise the dumbbell towards the ceiling, while exhaling, now again pull the dumbbells to the chest position while inhaling and stretch your chest, the hand should be wider than the shoulder, you need to do the 12 repetitions of about the 4 sets.
Incline Dumbbell Press Chest Exercise

6. Lying Dumbbell Chest Fly:

Lying dumbbell chest fly is slightly an advance level of the exercise, for the perfect chest, you need to take the Swiss ball and then you need to lie down on the ball by just rest your back on the ball only, now you need to hold the dumbbell to the hands and then stretch your chest by spreading the dumbbell, you need to stretch the dumbbell as maximum you can and then come back to the rest position, you need to do the 4 sets of the 12 repetitions each.
Lying Dumbbell Chest Fly
Chest exercises have many benefits, chest exercises will give shape to the shaggy breasts, it makes your pectoral muscles strong enough, it will not only gives shape to your upper body, but also removes the fat from the upper back area, it will toned up the biceps and the triceps of the arms, it also makes you shoulders and deltoids more strong, this one exercise will give shape to almost all part of the upper body.