6 Amazing Ayur Beauty Products Available In The Market

Ayur Beauty Products

We should always try the things which should not have any harmful effect on the body. Our face should also need extra care, there are many products in the market with the chemical contents in it, but should use only herbal products on the face. Ayur is known for its herbal beauty products, it has the range of the beauty products available, here is the list of the some of the products of the ayur in the market.

1. Ayur Tea Tree Face Wash

Ayur tea tree face wash is natural soap free cleanser, that gives your skin whitish matt look along with flawless and glowing skin, this mild cleanser does not contains any harsh chemicals in it. It comes in white tube along with pink color cap and the consistency the face wash is semi thick. This face wash has goodness of tea tree oil, which are loaded with antiseptic properties, as it helps in soothing inflammation or rashes on your skin, heal warts, reduce acne and reduce the growth of fungal infection on your skin, you need to wash your face with this face wash gently with water and apply a good moisturizer.

Ayur Tea Tree Face Wash

2. Ayur Herbal Astringent With Mint And Cucumber

Ayur herbal astringent with mint and cucumber is daily skin care product for acne prone skin people. This astringent is herbal, as it has goodness of mint and cucumber, that hydrate your skin very well without drying out your skin and also it has not chemical compounds as compared to the other astringent available in the market. This astringent comes in aqua blue color bottle with all details of ingredients clearly mentioned in the same astringent bottle. This astringent also contains aloevera and camphor along with cooling properties that helps in reducing the excess production of oil from the your skin as all you need to do just take a piece of cotton, pour 6 to 7 drops of astringent and gently wipe your face to get clear and acne free skin.

Ayur Herbal Astringent With Mint And Cucumber

3. Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

Ayur deep pore cleansing milk is skin cleaning milk, that helps in removing dust, impurities and clean your skin and give glow to the skin. Apply this cleanser all over your face and massage gently with your finger, after cleaning it with the water, remove the excess oil with warm damp cotton cloth, this cleanser contains nourishing agents which helps in removing water proof and smudge proof make up gently. Regular use of this cleanser will add amazing glow to your skin.

4. Ayur Herbal Orange Pack

Ayur herbal orange pack is a combination of pack as well a mild scrub, which very affordable and easy to use. This orange pack is made with goodness of orange, add desired amount of this face pack, diluted it with the rose water, massage your skin by using warm water for 1 minute, leave it for about the 15 minutes, as the face pack is dry, then clean it properly with the water, the tiny particles of the oranges, exfoliate the skin naturally and gives you natural shine on your face.

Ayur Herbal Orange Pack

5. Ayur Herbal Wheat Germ Base Moisturizer

Ayur Herbal Wheat Germ Base Moisturizer is light weight body lotion which is loaded with vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E, as these vitamins are very essential to make your skin healthy and helps in enhance your skin complexion, make your skin hydrated, soft and supple. This ayur moisturizer comes with hydrated formula as it contains olive oil, wheat germ oil, rose water and turmeric extracts that helps in moisturizing your skin from deep and provides nice glow to your skin as you need, just apply generous amount of this moisturizer on your arms, legs, face and neck along with splash of water and massage it gently until it penetrates or absorbs by your skin, then wipe off extra moisturizer with damp cloth.

Ayur Herbal Wheat Germ Base Moisturizer

6. Ayur Tulsi Anti Bacterila Face Pack

Ayur tulsi anti bacterial face pack is antibacterial face pack, that is enriched with powerful skin cleaning natural ingredients such as calamine powder, tulsi leaves, kaolin and fuller earth. This face pack comes in semi transparent plastic packet and the texture of this face pack is in powder form which looks like smooth mud powder. This antibacterial face pack helps in reducing the growth of fungal infection and pimples, cleanses your facial skin and give your face matt look because it reduces the production of sebum on your face as all you need to do, apply this face pack all over your face and neck, leave for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.