5 Yoga Exercises To Boost Your Fitness Level


With the rising concern among people across the world in getting themselves a healthy and fit body, yoga has taken over the circuit in a very short span, starting from its epicenter in Asia to all across the globe. Yoga is considered to be a physical, mental and spiritual practice which has been associated in keeping the mind and body fit along with giving spiritual benefits to one who practices the asanas well and properly. Contrary to the popular belief that people who are obese are less fit than one who is skinny, it has to be taken into consideration that fitness level does not really relate to all this. However, one can get a great and fit body by performing yoga exercises effectively.

Some Of The Yoga Exercises Which Help In Boosting The Fitness Level Are Discussed Below:

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

One of the yoga asana or exercise which helps in keeping the body fit is fierce asana or Utkatasana also known as the chair pose which helps in toning down the calve muscles in the body. This asana or exercise id great in smoothening the functions of diaphragm, heart and the organs present in the abdomen as well. This asana can be performed by standing straight and spreading the legs according to the shoulder width and then stretch out the hands without bending the elbows at the front region. After that the next step is to slowly bend the knees and get a position like sitting on a chair and breathe normally and keep like that for about 30 seconds. After that is done slowly coming back to the original position and repeating it five times in a row and lying down and relaxing helps.


Uttanpadasana (Raised Foot Position)

A great pose to keep the overall body fit and functional, Uttanpadasana has its great effects in the proper functioning of lungs, intestine, liver, heart and the pancreas organs apart from helping in the toning of the lower body parts like hips, thighs and the abdomen region too. This position is also effective in woman post delivery to deal with the issues of back pain and digestive issues as well. This position can be reached by lying down in a position where the legs are closed together and then slowly taking the legs up in a 45 degree angle from the ground and staying at that pose for a few seconds and while exhaling coming back to the lying state.


Ardha Chakrasana (Backward Bending While Standing)

An effective yoga position to practice if one wants a fit upper torso region with a toned arm and shoulder. This exercise can be practiced by standing on the ground and by inhaling deeply taking both the hands over the head in a namaste. While exhaling slowly, one needs to bend as much and keep in that position for a few second and then bring the hands back to normal by inhaling.



A great yoga position which is known to be great for ones who is trying to reduce weight and is also great for the proper functioning of kidney and the pancreas as well, paschimottanasa helps in improving the blood circulation in the body as well as strengthening the muscles at the back too. This position is an easy one which involves sitting down on the ground with legs starched out straight and placing the hands on the thigh region. After that one needs to inhale and raise the hands above the head and try to hold the toes by bending frontwards without bending the knees, and in turn trying to touch the head to the knee region too. Keeping this intact for half a minute and while inhaling bringing the body back to the normal position does the trick.


Sarvasana (Corpse Pose)

This is one of the most essential yoga position which needs to be practiced after every session to bring the body to normal state and helping in complete relaxation too. This position is known to rectify the damaged tissues and cell in the body and thus relives the body from any stress and helps in releasing mental or physical strain as well. To achieve this position one has to lie down straight and keeping the hands pressed to the body or upwards, just meditate and feel the process of exhalation. This relaxes the body and in a few minutes gets the body fully fit and healthy too!

cropse It is advisable that all the above mentioned yoga exercises should be practiced under the guidance of an expert.