5 Wonderful Wings Tattoo Designs For Women

Animal tattoos are very favorite to fashion conscious women who like to have different kinds of tattoos in their body. Different types of bird tattoos are also very popular. Sometimes it is seen that instead of birds just wings are tattooed on the body. Wings tattoo carries almost the same meaning as bird tattoo. Wings tattoos are becoming very popular now day.

Here Are the 5 Wonderful Wings Tattoo Designs For Women:

Meaning Of A Wings Tattoo

It is already stated that wings tattoo carries the same meaning like bird tattoo. A bird tattoo mostly stands for living freely without bondage. Women face pressure or bondage of society. That is why a wings tattoo on the body gives an impression of living freely from bondage and oppression. Apart from birds celestial figure like angels also have spectacular feathery wings. Some women like to have angel wings on their body too. As a whole a wings tattoo stands for living freely, feminine beauty, freedom of expression, bravery, divine power. Best place to do a wings tattoo is upper back or back of a woman. It is also seen in places like side of the body, ankle or foot, hip.

Here Are 5 Wonderful Wings Tattoo Designs For Women:

1. Small Wings Tattoo Designs

There are plenty of tattoos in the market that have two small cute feathery wings. Women or girl who have attractive upper back can do such tattoos. These look simple and really attractive.

Small Wings Tattoo Designs

2. Big Wings Tattoos

Like small wings big wing tattoos are frequently seen among people who like to have wings tattoo on their body. These wings are mostly feathery and these represent angels of heaven. People who believe in existence of heaven can do this tattoo on their body.

Big Wings Tattoos

3. Wings With Cross Tattoo Designs

A believer of god is frequently seen with a cross. Such peeople or women who are fashion conscious wear cross tattoos on their body too. There are plenty of interesting designs that have a cross with two wings on either side. These look really interesting.

Wings With Cross Tattoo Designs

4. Butterfly Wings Tattoos

Butterflies are insects which have beautiful and colorful wings. For beauty purpose some women like to have just butterfly wings tattooed on their body specially in back. Plenty of such designs available in the market.

Butterfly Wings Tattoos

5. Wings With Hourglass Tattoo Designs

An hourglass stands for time or flow of time. People who are serious about keeping times and at the same time believe in freedom without bondage do tattoos which have an hourglass with wings on either side. Plenty of such interesting designs are available in the market.

Wings With Hourglass Tattoo Designs