5 Ways You Can Use Henna For Best Hair Ever

5 Ways You Can Use Henna For Best Hair Ever

Henna is used as one of the best hair care ingredients especially in Asia. Henna is not used for a single benefit but there are uncountable benefits of this amazing herb for hair! Traditionally, when women dint have some artificial hair colors, to enhance the beauty of hair and to color them, women used to use henna powder. This amazing herb also makes the hair more shiny, glossy, thick and strong! These amazing benefits of this herb make it extremely beneficial and useful for hair care! There are different ways you can use henna powder with different ingredients to redefine our hair. If you are unaware about the benefits and unique uses of henna, here is a complete hair transformation which you can perform using henna powder!

1. Henna Hair Cleansing

Henna powder is extracted straight from the ravish and rich herbs which has the ability to transform the hair completely! If you think that henna is just for coloring and conditioning, you are completely wrong! When you step out of your house, there are numerous bacteria and dust which can get jammed in your scalp and can make your hair quality degraded. To fight these jammed bacteria and dust, it is important to cleanse and exfoliate your scalp. The perfect mixture of henna powder and Epsom salt will cleanse the scalp and from the deeper layers remove all the dirt! Apply this mask while massaging your scalp and get unbelievable results with a nourished scalp!

2. Henna For Hair Color

Henna has the best quality to color the hair. This is an amazing herb which is used since eras for hair coloring and thus, you can use the best henna masks to cover up your grays or to add some natural shine and color to your hair! Generally henna can give you dark orange or red shades but if you want a modern and flawless shade, here is a mask you must try. Mix some henna powder, beetroot juice and brewed black tea. Apply this mask on your hair. Let it work for 1 hour and rinse! This mask will add a beautiful burgundy shade in your hair and will also make your hair shine as never before!

Henna For Hair Color

3. Henna Mask For Hair Repair

If your hair has become undernourished and dull, you can use an amazing henna repairing mask which will fight hair damage and will keep your scalp nourished! Brittle hair, dry scalp, undernourished hair etc problems are targeted with this cool mask! Mix some honey, henna powder and milk and apply this mask on your hair! Leave it for 45 minutes and rinse with shampoo! The milk henna and honey conditioning will repair damage and will get you smooth shiny hair within few applications!

Henna Mask For Hair Repair

4. Henna For Dandruff Removal

If your hair has become dull and you have a lot of dandruff in your scalp, here is an anti bacterial mask which will cleanse your scalp while battling dandruff. Mix some lemon juice, henna powder and almond oil and apply this mask on your scalp. Henna powder is itself an herb which can fight dandruff while lemon juice and almond oil is the best cleansing ingredient for dandruff. Apply this mask and get awesome results!

Henna For Dandruff Removal

5. Henna For Hair Conditioning

You can also use henna powder as a stunning hair conditioner which will leave your hair smooth, strong and flawless. Mix some yogurt, fenugreek seed paste and henna powder and apply this conditioning mask on your scalp and ahir1 this will give you some shattering results which will make you addicted to henna powder!

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