5 Ways To Use Garlic For Hair Loss


Hair loss or Alopecia can be caused by many different reasons. Some of the predominant causes of the condition include traumatic damage, fungal infections, therapeutic treatments like chemotherapy/radiotherapy, iron deficiency and aging. Hair loss is a cause of stress as it creates bad looks. Garlic is an easily available food item and provides for better hair growth rather cheaply. By treating your hairs with garlic, you can thicken your hair, have better hair growth and intensify hair color.The versatile garlic can be used in a number of ways for treating hair loss and for providing hair with better nourishment so that they grow naturally with shine and luster.

Here Are 5 Ways To Use Garlic for Treating Hair Loss

Add Garlic Cloves Or Its Juice To Your Shampoo/conditioner

Garlic juice can be added easily to your every-day shampoo for better hair growth. Garlic and honey mixture provides for natural conditioning and improves hair shine. The treatment may have certain bad odor which can be removed easily by adding ginger to the garlic juice.


Add Garlic Juice To Coconut Oil

We all use coconut oil for messaging our hair. You can also add the juice of garlic to the coconut oil and then the mixture. Later stir well, cool it sufficient and gently message your hair and scalp with the mixture. You can do the hair and scalp revitalizing process 5 times every week for better results.

coconut oil

Onion And Garlic Juice Mixture

The humble onion and always available garlic can be combined with each other and provide for a natural herbal treatment for Alopecia. Extract juice from a few onion bulbs and add a ready-made garlic oil juice infusion (in appropriate quantities) or add raw garlic cloves to it. If you have added garlic cloves then let the cloves to remain in the onion juice for a week before application. Apply the mixture to your bald areas of scalp once every day for growing hair naturally.


Over-the-counter Available Garlic Infusions

Readymade garlic juice infusions are available in the market at pharmacies that can be used for treating Alopecia. You need to do the messaging gently for extended periods so the garlic juice and other mixture ingredients penetrate fully inside the scalp and hair follicles to induce faster hair growth.


Direct Rubbing Of Garlic Cloves

If you suffer from Alopecia at certain well-defined areas in the scalp, then you can tear a few garlic cloves and rub them on the affected parts of the scalp directly. After 1 hour, message your scalp with olive oil. Cover the hair after message and sleep. In the morning, wash the scalp and hair. The process provides for hair growth. A few garlic cloves can also be kept in olive oil for 1 week so that the juices of the cloves infuse fully and get well-mixed in the oil. When the mixture gets fully prepared, apply it each night on the scalp for promoting hair growth in the Alopecia affected scalp areas. Alternatively garlic juices can also be applied directly to the scalp for better hair growth.

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