5 Ways To Make Your Lipstick Easily Portable Through Depotting

5 Ways To Make Your Lipstick Easily Portable Through Depotting

Depotting lipstick seems a little weird to hear but believe it, many situations occur in daily life when you require to depot your lipstick. For instance, just think about the condition when you are in hurry to go out and your lipstick breaks down from half because you opened it fully carelessly. Definitely, you will not like to throw away the broken part of your favorite lipstick. Well, the idea of depotting lipstick in a pallet box is good to save your favorite expensive lipstick. Here is stepwise method of depotting your lipstick .

 5 Ways To Make Your Lipstick Easily Portable Through Depotting:

Collect The Lipstick

When you find your lipstick broken, you just need to collect it into a metal spoon. You need to choose only metal spoon because you need to heat it over the flame. Metal is good conductor of heat and it will help melting your lipstick faster.

Collect the lipstick

Melt The Lipstick

Lit a candle and warm the metal spoon on flame slowly. The lipstick will start melting shortly. Do this very carefully because you don’t want to burn your lipstick. When you see that the lipstick starts to melt, you need to transfer it into the pallet box.

Melt the lipstick

Choose The Right Pallet Box

Choosing the best pallet box is a witty task. You can either use an empty artist pallet box or used containers of bleach cream. You can also shop for the empty fresh pallet boxes which come specially for storing small lipstick pallets.

Choose The Right Pallet Box 2

Transfer It Into The Pallet Box

When you transfer the molten lipstick, do it carefully that lipstick should not flow on other pallets or outside. The best thing is that it will be easier for you to transfer the lipstick into the pallet box because the liquid lipstick will be in spoon. you just need to place the spoon in proper direction and just above the pallet on which you want to pour the lipstick.
Transfer it into the pallet box 1


Fix It Well

Your lipstick will be fixed automatically in the pallet as soon as it cools down. Place the pallet box in fridge for about 15 minutes after this for fixing the lipstick well.So, you know the easiest way of depotting your lipstick now. You ca also try this idea when you don’t want to carry your bunch of lipsticks while going out for traveling and want all of them to change the look. Just cut about 1/3rd of your lipstick bar and depot it as the method described above.

Transfer it into the pallet box