5 Ways To Loosen Up Your Shoes At Home


It’s always unfortunate when you buy a new pair of shoes, only to find out they’re too tight for you and instead of making you look fabulous they just hurt your feet. Well, no more!

Here Are 5 Ways To Stop Your Shoes From Hurting You By Loosening Them Up At Home

Frozen Wanter Expands

Yes, frozen water. Take 2 plastic bags that can be sealed, such as a sandwich bag and fill it with water (1/4 of the bag). Insert the bags in the shoes and put them in the freezer (nothing looks better next to that beef)! Careful not to get the shoes TOO wet! But if that is not a problem, you can soak the shoes themselves and freeze them. Do it as many times as needed to loosen them up to your needs!


Heat Also Works

Heat can also loosen up your shoes and this method might be even faster than freezing them, depending on how tight they are. Just put on some thick socks and try to fit your feet in your shoes. Then take a source of heat (preferably a hairdryer, less dangerous) and put it near the tight areas while stretching your feet. While more complicated and less comfortable, it’s something you can do a few hours before you need to wear the shoes!


Take Your Shoes To A Walk In Your House

This is probably the least comfortable method. And it takes the longest time. However, it’s the simplest as it only involves wearing your shoes for little strolls through your house. I’m not going to hide it, it’s going to hurt, but it’s also going to get you used to the shoes and it will loosen them up until they’re fit for your feet. To make it better, just put on a pair of thick socks, it’s bound to speed up the process!!


Plastic Bottles

This one is a bit weird since it’s not that popular, but nonetheless, it works! Grab some plastic bottles (empty, of course!) and take the air out of them (by taking out the cap and crushing them on the floor). Then twist them and put them in something soft, like a sock! Once you’ve filled the sock to the desired size, insert it in the shoe. The plastic will take in oxygen, which will expand it, expanding your shoe as well!


Newspapers Or An Army Of Socks

The last method I’m suggesting is taking as much newspaper as you have, or as many socks as you have and stuff them inside the shoes until they can no longer take it! Use your force to stuff them in and let the shoes overnight. It probably won’t do it in the first try, but eventually the shoes will loosen up!


Knowledge brings power! And now you’ve got the power never to face tight shoes again! Take out all your shoes and make them behave! If none of this works for you or if you’re too lazy to put them to good use, then just go to a professional cobbler which can fix the shoes for you in no-time. The downside is that is costs money (sometimes even up to $15) and they may not be available in the dead of the night!