5 ways To Hide A Cold Sore

To Hide A Cold Sore

Cold sores are common occurrences that mostly appear on the face or lips during the dry winter seasons. Although herpes virus infection has also been found to be associated with cold sore formation, they can also be formed due to stress, as these cold sores are often found to occur just before any big occasion such as any marriage ceremony or job interview.

Although it is apparently impossible to hide active blisters or oozing cold sores, but upon drying they can be hidden by following some simple make up tricks. 5 such simple tricks are described below that can quickly and efficiently hide some serious cold sores.

5 ways To Hide A Cold Sore:


Although active and oozing cold sores are almost next to impossible to hide, healing cold sores can easily be dealt with by using heavy concentrated concealers with creamy texture.


Small amount of the heavy concealer can be applied on the sore by gently dabbing with sponge or cotton balls. For sores with red appearance, yellow colored concealers can be used to neutralize red color, followed by another concealer of same texture but with a color that matches your skin ethnicity.

Cold Sore Patch

Cold Sore Patch

Readily available cold sore patches are another effective way to hide the cold sores. These medicated patches not only aid in hiding the cold sores by chemoflauging them with the skin ethnicity but also with its infused medicines, it helps to shorten its tenure of stay as well as aids in treating the cold sore relatively quickly.

Foundation And/Or Compact Powder

Applying foundation and/or compact powder is another efficient way to hide the cold sores. Initially, apply some ointment or cold cream on the sore just to keep it moist and enable it to start healing from within.

Foundation and or Compact Powder

Then, apply foundation and/or compact powder not only on the sore but also all over the face or affected area, to hide the sore as well as keep the entire color evenly toned, which otherwise will make it even more obvious than before and make it even more noticeable.

Deep Colored Glossy Lipstick

Deep Colored Glossy Lipstick

Applying deep red, glossy lipstick is another very efficient way to hide lip cold sores. After initially applying a cold cream or anti-viral ointments, cover it up with deep red and glossy lipstick colors by using an applicator that will not only hide the redness and swelling of the sore lips but will in turn, make your lips appear more voluptuous and attractive.

Crust Removal

This is another effective way to hide the cold sores, but one has to be really cautious while applying this method as one little wrong move can leave you with seriously painful lips. First, apply some Vaseline to soften the crusty cold sores. Then, after a while gentle massaging on the lips and as the crusts become moist and soft, slowly and carefully lift off the crusts with a tweezers. Be sure not to use hands, as this can lead to further unwanted infection of the cold sore region. Now, as the crusts are removed, the cold sore becomes much less visible.


Apart from hiding these cold sores, it is often necessary to cure the cold sores completely to their roots. Topical application of anti-viral ointments, repeated application of ice or antiseptic cold creams to keep the lips moist are often found beneficial for curing the condition. In addition, consuming lysine rich foods such as apple, avocado etc. also provide effective results in curing the cold sores from within.