5 Ways To Do Clump Free Mascara


A well done and flawless mascara deos not smudges, sticks or blurs. While the quality of mascara is of utmost importance, there are also certain ways and tips through which you can have clump free mascara and perfect and well tanned lashes.

Here Are The List Of Ways To Do Clump Free Mascara

Do Not Allow The Mascaras To Get Dry

Often the mascara’s fist coat dries and gets distributed on the second coat, thereby forming a clumped eye makeup. Do one layer and then the other so that the first mascara coat is not dried and forms lumps when you coat the next. Moist a tissue with the eye make-up remover and remove the excess mascara makeup from the make-up brush so that the mascara is not dried.


Do Not Pump The Mascara Stick

When you pump the mascara stick in and out the tube then air enters into the make-up and causes lumps. If you avoid pumping, then less air enters the tube and the make-up and lesser or no clumps are formed.


Replace The Mascaras After Due Time Periods

The mascaras get air form the surroundings and get spoiled during time and get clumps during their application. It is better to replace your mascaras after each 3 months so that you get a dashing and glam makeup without any clumps.


Store The Mascara In A Cool Place

If the mascara are exposed to sun or heat or are stored in more warm places then their chemical ingredients may change their texture and get spoiled easily. Hence they should be stored in places that are cool and do not have fluctuating temperatures. Storing mascaras in bathroom is also not good for their compositions as the temperature in bathroom may fluctuate with fan and showers. The mascara should be able to maintain its fluidity if you want to have clump free and glam lashes.


Take Your Time

A number of clumps and flakes can be formed when mascaras are applied in haste. Give that extra minute while applying your mascara and use the precise and slow motions so that the product can stick to each individual eye lash and not a the whole group of lashes at a time. The extra time you give for the mascara application will provide you well parted and beautiful lashes and that will stay put for a longer time interval. The best way to apply mascara is to start from the lash’s root. Then, doing back and forth motions, apply the product to the lash tips.