5 Unique Styles For Naturally Dark Curly Hair In Women

There are different natural colors for hair in women. By natural color it means that a woman can have hair that is perfect golden yellow blonde or she can have blonde hair that is whitish. On the other hand light brown, red or dense red color is also seen.  A majority of women have hair of dark color that is typical black or dark brown too. Sometimes women with natural dark hair has natural curls or waves in it. Then such women hesitate about what kind of hairstyle they should adapt that will make them look gorgeous. Here are some unique but simple styles for women with dark curly hair.

Here The 5 Unique Styles For Dark Curly Hair In Women:

1. Entirely Loose On Back Style

It is normally seen that women who have dark and straight natural hair that reaches at least upper back length are letting their hair loose. But a woman who has dark hair with curls or waves in it can do it too. She can have this loose hair entirely on back. This will make her look definitely gorgeous.

Entirely loose on back style


2. Loose Over Shoulder Style

Instead of letting your hair entirely on back if you have good bunch of dark curly hair then you can go for loose over one or both shoulders look too. All you have to do is to divide your lock into two parts and let those hang over one shoulder or both shoulders. Loose Over Shoulder Style2


3. Messy Or Bushy Style For Loose Curly Hair

If a woman with dark hair has too much natural curls in it and if the hair does not reach much below than upper back then she can adapt a thick bushy loose look. This messy style less style can in turn make her look gorgeous and attractive.

Messy or bushy style for loose curly hair

4. Unique Top Bun Over Head Style For Dark Curly Hair

Women with short dark hair with natural  curls sometimes can adapt a style that looks like a top bun over head. A woman with short curly dark hair has to make this top bun look with whatever hair she has on head. The rest she can have hang loosely from side.

Unique top bun over head style for dark curly hair

5. Sleek Ponytail Look

A woman with dark curly hair can adapt a ponytail if she has a little bit more hair than very short hair. All the woman has to do is to simply bind the hair with a garter and ponytail and let it hang on the back of head. A big or thick ponytail can be laid on one of shoulders also.

Sleek ponytail look