5 Types Of Cheap Handbags For Women

Handbags For Women

Women all over the world consider a handbag to be one of the most important of all accessories. Traditionally a handbag was used to carry small items like coins, wallets, combs and brushes, cosmetics etc, but now a handbag has become more of a fashion trend than a necessity.

With the many different fashionable designs and styles a handbag can vary in sizes from small, to medium and fairly large as well. Women use this accessory to store larger personal items than what a pouch or purse could carry. Below are various cheap handbags that are used today

Cheap Handbags For Women

Tote Bags

Tote Bag

One of the cheapest kinds of handbags is the tote bag. These are usually large and open on the top with two parallel straps on either side. Traditionally totes were made of jute, or any strong cloth that could hold heavy items, but nowadays totes are made of many different fabrics and special canvas material.

Stylishly designed tote bags that are found today are either dyed, or have lovely prints. Totes are also made from leather, cotton, paper or plastic etc.

Sling Bags

Sling Bag

These types of handbags are one of the most famous kinds that are used today. School going children, college teens and many working men and women use such a bag as it is very easy to carry. The bag consists of one long strap that goes over the front side of the body while the rest of the bag rests on the individuals back.

These are usually made of cloth or fiber and are very durable. School and college children use it to carry their books and belongings to school without using their hands.

Cross Body Bags

Cross Body Bag

This bag consists of one fairly long strap that crosses over both sides of the body, meeting at the waist. The bag rests on the waist keeping the hands free. These bags are generally used by paper boys and messengers.

Usually used by college students as well as women and men who work, these bags can be found in different sizes. From small cross body bags, to medium and large, they are available in many different colors and designs as well.

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Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bag

One of the most common and cheap handbags today is the shoulder bag. This bag comes in different styles and designs. It consists of a bag that has straps that are shoulder-length. It can be found in many shapes as well. From square, rectangular, star shaped, heart shaped, round and even circular, these bags are very stylish as well. Shoulder bags are common among women as they use it for work and as a party accessory as well.

Clutch Bags

Clutch Bag

These are bags that have no handles. They are usually found in rectangular and square shapes. They are fairly cheap depending on the material they are made of. These bags are used for formal occasions and evening parties and are combined with an evening gown or a dress.

They can also be used in the day time as well for casual use, depending on the print and the style of the bag. Clutches are very stylish handbags and also come with a metallic strap if available.

These are some of the various cheap handbags that can be found in most markets and malls as well as online. From different designs and styles there are many options to choose from. Depending on the occasion and the use of the bag, one should make sure that they keep in mind that they look trendy and the purpose of the bag is fulfilled. So get yourself a great handbag and get stylish!