5 Top Massages For Body Pain Relief

Massages For Body Massage is generally used to relieve and ease pain. It helps to relax the muscles and provides relief from stress.

It also helps to increase the blood circulation thereby improving blood flow to all parts of the body. Several techniques are used for giving massage which include kneading, rubbing, tapping, stroking, friction etc.

Massages For Body Pain Relief

Swedish Massage

This is one of the most well known massage techniques. It mainly includes different types of strokes which focus on improving the circulation and relaxing the whole body. The therapist makes the use of massage oil blends and applies it gently over your skin and works on the different areas of your body. You can also ask the therapist to work on a tense area where you experience pain. It is an excellent massage to relieve the pain in the body.

Thai Massage

This massage technique is based on healing various pressure points to improve the blood circulation in the body. The therapist applies different strokes all over your body during the massage session.

Thai Massage

It involves four positions and these are designed in such a way that the patient is comfortable during the whole session. This massage is said to reduce the pain in the body and improve the flexibility. It improves the overall physical and mental health of the body.


This therapy makes use of different essential oils that are derived from plants and herbs such as lavender, clove, eucalyptus, Jasmine etc. For the purpose of releasing stress from the body. The therapist prepares the essential oils and uses on the patient throughout the session.

Various massage strokes are applied in different areas of your body. This massage is beneficial in relieving the muscle pain associated with any part of the body due to muscle tension. The essential oils used during the massage bring about a calming effect on the mind and body.

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Hot Stone Massage

This massage involves placing heated stones on some key points of the body to balance the power and loosen tight muscles of the body. The stones that are chosen are made up of basalt which are soaked in water and then to a warmer place. Oil is applied on the body and the warm stones are placed at certain pressure points of the body. The hot stones provide relief from pain. It is also known to increase the blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system.

Shiatsu Massage

It is a therapy in which the therapist applies pressure to various parts of the body to achieve balance in the body’s energy. The therapist uses palm, finger and thumb to diagnose the problem areas of the body. The massage helps in stimulating the immune system which helps in the prevention of illnesses.

Shiatsu Massage

It also restores the functions of the nervous system. It produces a relaxing and calming effect which can bring back the healthy balance of the body. Overall it helps in achieving a greater sense of health and well-being by adjusting the body’s energies.

These are some of the top massages for body pain relief. There are many benefits associated with these massage therapies. You can incorporate any of these massage therapies on a regular basis to get maximum relief from body pain and achieve an overall balance in your physical, mental and emotional health.