5 Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day


Just one coat of right lipstick can transform your look from simple to glamorous one. It adds life to your whole make up hence undoubtedly all women owes to lipstick.

But holding your favouritte lip colour to your lips all day long is definitely not an easy job especially where you are busy in long meetings in the office or travelling long. As lips are the active organs of our body as either we talk or laugh or sip into a drink, lip colour wears off easily.

But ladies keep your worries off as here we give you 5 kickass ideas that will enhance the longevity of your favouritte lip hue and you won’t stop looking like a hot chic all day long.

Here Are The 5 Tips To Increase The Longevity Of Your Lipstick:


The first condition to increase the lasting ability of your lipstick would to provide it a smooth base. To achieve that base you must need to exfoliate your lips regularly. You can either go for mild lip scrub or take a soft bristle brush and gently rub on your lips to remove the dirt and dead cells. Scrubbing also boosts the blood flow in your lips and gives a healthy glow.



Next step after scrubbing the lips is moistening them with a lip balm. This will not only provide the required moisture to it but also give them a fuller look and soften them as well. After applying the lip balm don’t forget to place a tissue paper between your lips as it help to soak the excess moisture and provide a perfect base eliminating the extra grease.


Lip Primer:

Likewise you apply a face primer before wearing make up same goes with lip make up. But its not mandatory. To achieve a super smooth surface lip-primer or lip concealer can be a great idea this also helps your lipstick to stay for longer time. If you are going for dark shade utilize a lip liner of the same color and fill your entire lip. As lip-liner’s longevity is better than lipstick so it definitely going to help you. It also assists you to get the desired lip shape and makes it easy to apply the lipstick.


Apply The Lipstick:

Now comes the most awaited part, apply your favorite lipstick with a lip-brush or finger tip. While lip brush application gives a strong effect, finger tips will enable you a lighter one. Choose a lipstick that has good longevity.


Finish It Off:

To get a perfect finish, place a tissue paper between your lips and gently press it to eliminate the extra color for a smudge free effect. While for a matt effect and increasing the lasting ability of your lipstick dust a little amount of translucent powder and apply another coat of the lipstick