5 Tips Of Getting Rid Of Underarms Sweat Marks

sweat marks

Just like different types of stains like grease stains, ink stains, coffee stains, paint stains; sweat stains are also very disturbing and quite difficult to remove. These stubborn stain marks makes your garments ugly and leaves a bad impression on others. If you are thinking of how to remove these stains easily and effectively without much effort then this article is meant for you!!

Here You Will Get Five Natural, Easy To Use  Underarm Sweat Removal Tips

Use Of Cold Water

This is considered to be the simplest and easy way to get rid of tough and irritating sweat marks. When you see the sweat mark on your shirt immediately pour cold water over it and gently rub the area. Cold water removes the acidity of deodorant or perfume applied to the region and helps to remove the sweat marks on your garment efficiently.

cold water

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

This is again a good alternative to remove sweat marks. This solution works only on white coloured clothes. If using on coloured clothes it can lighten the colour of the cloth and make them look fade. To use this remedy you need to put few drops of this solution on the area followed with gentle rubbing. Keep it for half an hour and wash it thoroughly using detergent.


Application Of A Combination Of Vinegar And Water

Vinegar is a beneficial remedy that is proved to be very effective for removing sweat marks on white as well as coloured clothes. To use this tip one need to add one tablespoon of white vinegar into one cup of water. Apply it on the fabric and leave it for anotherhalf an hour and wash it with a good quality detergent.


Use Aspirin

To get rid of nasty sweat marks off your clothes make a paste of grounded aspirin in a small amount of water. Now rub this paste on the area. Keep it for fifteen minutes and then rinse through the water efficiently so that it completely gets removed from your cloth.


Use A Good Quality Sweat Stain Remover

There are various types of stain removal liquid and powder based products available in the market. Use a mild sweat stain remover and apply it to the underarm area of the cloth.

stain remover

All these remedies help in dissolving yellow coloured sweat marks without harming the quality of your cloth.