5 Tips For Choosing A Body Cleanser


Body cleansers and washing lotions are fast becoming a trend over the use of body soaps. Being in the liquid form, these are more convenient to use, tend to lather more, and also offer the manufacturers higher scope of modifying them by adding supplementary ingredients, making them more lucrative to the buyers. They also tend to be gentler on the skin, and their increasing popularity is evident by the infinite variety of body cleansers that we see when we visit a mall. In this wide availability of options, how would you select the right one for you?

Here Are Top 5 Tips For Choosing A Body Cleanser For Herself

The Skin Type

A lot of girls tend to have sensitive skin. There are some body cleansers which are specially designed for such delicate skin, and contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera which are great cleansing agents and also very mild. Also, the cleansers may also be more suited for certain skin types – such as for dry skin or for oily skin. Make sure to check all this information before you pick one, and then choose the best for to your skin type.

skin type

Surfactant Based Or Detergent Based

This is one information about the body cleanser which is usually mentioned on the label, where the ingredients are displayed. Try to choose a surfactant based one cleanser, as they are more mild on the skin, and also trap the dirt and excess oil easily and help in an effective skin cleansing.

Surfactant Based

Perfumed Or Non Perfumed

This again depends on your personal choices. For sensitive skins, non-perfumed options may be the best. Girls usually have a choice in their deodorants, and they can also pick their choice in the range of the varieties they have for the perfumed body cleansers.

non perfumed

With Sun Protection Factors

Though there are contradictory views on whether the body cleansers with SPF actually offer protection or not from the UV rays, you could choose one with additional SPF factor, even if you have indoor jobs for the shield that they may offer.


Herbal Versus Chemicals

Not all body cleansers are made of up of strong chemicals. As mentioned earlier, there are few that may be made up of herbal agents such as Aloe Vera, or shea butter and contain almond oil. Carefully read the composition before choosing one, making sure that you skip out the ones that contain ingredients to which you may suspect having a skin allergy.


Hope these 5 tips help you in choosing the right body cleanser for you when you hit the shopping malls next time. Adding a loofah pad to your daily regimen with this cleanser may help in giving you more lather, and a richer bathing experience!