5 Thrilling James Bond Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoos are becoming very popular as one of the major fashion accessories to modern women. Keeping this in head tattoo makers are bringing out interesting and popular tattoo designs to market. Popular art forms like books, movies etc are giving birth to new and attractive tattoo designs. James Bond is a very popular character from books as well as movies. Tattoos that follow James Bond are also becoming hugely popular to tattoo loving women.

Meaning Of James Bond Tattoo

James Bond is a British spy character created by author Ian Flemming. After appearing in a few books this character became so popular that TV series, radio drama and films started to come out. Among these the film series became one of the longest running film franchise in history of movies and entertainment. The James Bond tattoos normally cover the elements of film series like the logos, actors etc. That is why people who are fans of James Bond like to wear these kind of tattoos on their body. A James Bond tattoo stands for love for the character, thrillers, spy stories and movies. Women who are adventurous, love and seek thrills in life like to Have James Bond tattoo also. A Woman can have a James Bond tattoo in places like back, arms, shoulder, side of the body. lower back, legs, feet.

Here Are 5 Thrilling James Bond Tattoos For Women

1. 0o7 Logo Tattoo Designs

The code number for James Bond is 007. There are some interesting tattoo designs that show this 007 written with a pistol image. Fans of James Bond can have this 007 logo tattoo in any place on the body. The size and place are to be chosen by the wearer.

oo7 Logo tattoo designs

2. Sean Connery As James Bond Tattoos

It is already told that there are several James Bond tattoos which have actors who had portrayed James Bond on screen. Sean Connery is the most famous of such actors. Several James Bond tattoos show Sean Connery in James Bond outfit.

Sean Connery as James Bond tattoos

3. Daniel Craig As James Bond Tattoo Designs

Like Sean Connery latest James Bond actor is Daniel Craig who has portrayed this character for four times. He is very popular too as James Bond among fans. There are a few attractive James Bond tattoos which show Daniel Craig in Bond outfit. These tattoos are must have for fans of the character.

Daniel Craig as James Bond tattoo designs

4. James Bond Theme Logo Tattoos

Like 007 logo there is another iconic logo which comes on screen when a Bond movie starts with the famous title theme music. That logo is a vertigo type representation with a Bond image in its middle. There are some tattoo designs that show this iconic logo. This will look awesome in the body of a tattoo loving woman.

James Bond theme logo tattoos

5. Spectre Logo Tattoo Designs

Spectre is the latest James Bond block buster released last year. This movie is centered around a secret organization that has a logo in the form of an octopus. Fans of James Bond and people who love this movie like to have this octopus Spectre logo on their body too.

Spectre logo tattoo designs

So you want to have a James Bond tattoo on your body. Kindly choose from the list given here.