5 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women Under 30

5 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women Under 30

Breast cancer is one of the leading health concerns among women in the modern world. As we all know, cancer is a condition where the cells in the body start multiplying at a rapid rate even though they are not required. Such multiplication leads to a deficiency of resources for other parts of the body.

When such cells form, they start collecting into lumps. These lumps are what we know as tumors or cancer formations. Such lumps in the breast can be very serious in terms of health and well being. Breast cancer affects as many 5 percent of women worldwide.

Race, weight, family history etc. are all contributing factors towards this problem. This disease is most common in women over the age of 45 or women who have already undergone menopause. It is less common in younger women under the age of 30, but it is not unheard of. The tricky part about breast cancer in younger women is that it is not detected easily.

A young woman’s breasts are firmer and denser in terms of muscles and tissue. This is why a normal self- examination may not be very helpful in detecting a lump or tumor. This disease is very difficult to cure in the advanced stages. It is also possible that a tumor may be mistaken for fibrocystic breast condition or a normal cyst and lead to delay in treatment.

Symptoms of breast cancer in young women under 30

1. Lumps or Formations

Breast cancer can be effectively detected through a self examination done once a month. You must consult a doctor if you notice a lump in the breasts or the underarms that was not there before. This lump will be hard and irregular in shape. It may also be mobile i.e. it will move when pressure is applied.

2. Bumpy Skin

Many women also notice that the surface of the skin becomes bumpy in appearance. It looks like accumulation of cellulite. This could be a sign that small collections of cells are present under the skin. In case of a large tumor, the outline may even be visible through the surface of the skin.

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3. Pain And Sensitivity

In a few cases, the patient could also suffer from pain in the breast. This pain is usually dull and intermittent. This is also accompanied by tenderness and sensitivity to touch.

Pain And Sensitivity

4. Change in Nipples

The nipples are the most visible parts of the breasts and they are also the first area to show symptoms of breast cancer. In most cases, there is a dramatic change in the appearance of the nipples and the areolas (the dark ring surrounding the nipples). The nipples may become flat or collapse inwards. Some women also notice that the color becomes much darker. There may also be mottling around the nipples leading to a very unpleasant appearance.

5. Discharge

As the disease progresses, different parts like the milk ducts start getting affected. This is why excretion of discharge from the nipples is very common in breast cancer. This discharge is usually very watery and white. It looks similar to normal breast milk.