5 Stylish Ways To Carry Pencil Skirt

Perhaps there is nothing that stays as permanent trend in the world of fashion. But there are a lot of attires that make a comeback in their revived form time and again. Same can be said about pencil skirts that have in vogue since the 50’s. Once worn, this slim fit skirt looks like pencil, hence the name. Pencil skirts have been a runaway hit particularly as office wear and looks equally cool and chic even when chosen as casual outfits. Regardless of age, they will always give you youthful appearance. So stop freaking out about the slit that pencil skirts come with and wear them in the following five ways.

Here Are The 5 Stylish Ways To Carry Pencil Skirt:

1. Give It A Short

It might be bold for some but short skirts are definitely a way to go with tops in fluorescent colors like banana yellow or lime green. The length of the skirt should be a little over the knees. Footwear of choice: platform heels that add extra spunk to this already sizzling look.

Give It A Short

2. Pencil Skirt With Checks Shirt

Just like pencil skirts, checks are hard to miss from any trend. So grab a check shirt and team it up with a pencil skirt. The mix and match concept works well if you choose the more conservative colors like black and brown for pencil skirts.

Pencil skirt with checks

3. Denim Pencil Skirts

With denim pencil skirts, it is always the denim way or the highway! Denim skirts have always found space into the wardrobe of those who set out to go the extra mile in funky dressing. Why to wear them? Denim pencil skirts give you the most dapper look when paired with button down shirts. Complete the perfect denim pencil skirt dressing by putting on high heels or ankle length boots in black. Add a greater “devil may care attitude” with a pair of bangle earrings.

Denim pencil skirts

4. The Urbane Pencil Skirts

Needless to say pencil skirts have always appealed the working class for its easy going and yet sophisticated charm. You too can easily grace the occasion by keeping the basics right. First things first; the skirt should not be slouchy in the hem. Nor should it be figure hugging. Wear it on the higher side of the waist with a tucked in blouse. A pencil skirt worn with the same color of blouse and jacket completes the power dressing look flawlessly. To flaunt more classiness in the look, wear linen coat, short or long.

The urbane pencil skirts

5. Pencil Skirts With Jackets

Love wearing pencil skirts but you simply can’t because of not having a flat tummy? Your agony ends with pencil skirts paired with jackets. No matter whether the fabric for jacket is wool, leather or suede, jackets always come in handy to conceal tummy to get a slimmer look. High waist pencil jackets are a great choice for they can withhold flabby stomach. Although strappy heels are said to well with high waist pencil waist skirts, you can also wear a pair of ballerinas.

Pencil Skirts With Jackets

Now, there is also monochromatic pencil skirt that multiplies the attributes of pencil skirts that make you look slimmer. The bohemian tribes of fashionistas can certainly try out printed skirts instead of monotones of block colors. Printed pencil skirts have a variety of patterns ranging from animal prints, abstract, floral and geometric shapes. A broad waist strap is too good to be missed or omitted from any pencil skirts wearing ways.