5 Stunning And Simple 3D Nail Designs

Every woman wants to know about the choicest trend in the fashion industry and desires to sport it. Well, fashion is not just clothes it includes latest hair style, nail trends, etc. When we say nail designs, 3D designs are the happening and hottest now. Here, we are unfolding five beautiful and simple 3D nail designs. Go through to learn how to wear it with perfection.

Below Are The 5 Stunning and Simple 3D Nail Designs:

1. Sweet Apple

Paint the nails with a base color. Once it dries, draw an apple pattern at the mid of the nails using red enamel and fill it up with the same color. Using brown enamel, draw a thin stem and make a leaf using green enamel. Allow the nail paint to dry. Make curves in the apples using white paint to make the fruits look real. To give a little more edge, highlight one of the nail with red micro beads or rhinestones.


2. Bow Nails

Apply a base coat to the nails and once it dries, paint all the nails except for the middle finger and ring finger with the beautiful pastel pink. Color the ring finger with metallic gold. Apply white polish over the middle finger nail. Dab a few pink spots over the white paint. Dip a toothpick in grey paint and mark the outline of the pink spots. Place golden studs near the moon of the nail on the index finger, thumb and pinky. Affix a 3D nail bowknot shaped rhinestone at the moon of the ring finger nail and allow it to dry.


3. Flower Nails

Coat the nails with base color and let it dry. Apply a dark colored top coat of your choice. Choose a contrast colored dried flower specially made for nail art and place it over the top coat when it is still wet. Press the petals gently, so that it sticks to the nail properly. Apply a shiny coat to finish the look.


4. Fresh And Fruity Nails

Pick the fresh fruit patterned fimo cane of your choice and cut those into pieces to affix them onto your nail and create a unique and fresh 3D nail art design. First apply a base coat. Once it dries, apply a bright colored top coat. Using a toothpick draw the desired fresh fruit patterned fimo cane onto the nail over the wet topcoat. Gently press the fimo cane so that it sticks properly. Finally, apply a shiny finishing gel.


5. Knit Nails

Apply a base polish first. When it dries, apply a pastel peach or grey 3D gel coat over it. Using the same colored 3D gel, draw the preferred knitting stitch design over the top coat using a toothpick. Finish the nail art using shiny 3D finishing gel.