5 Steps To Paint Your Nails Perfectly


Paint Your Nails Perfectly Well groomed nails speak a lot about you. How many times you have wondered seeing those perfectly painted nails of models in the glossy magazines? You are disappointed every time thinking you neither have such pretty nails nor you know the art of applying flawless nail polish like them.

It’s not that you don’t know how to apply nail paint; the thing is you don’t get it right each time. Sometimes the brush touches your skin around the nails or at times the strokes are clearly visible on the nail bed. And for a reason unknown to you the bubbles show up on the nails from nowhere.

Another thing is that you can paint decently well with your dominant hand but just cannot manage with your other hand. You hate to shell out bucks every time to get those perfectly painted nails. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to paint your nails perfectly like a professional and flaunt your beautiful nails in style.

Procedure To Paint Your Nails Perfectly

Keep The Things Ready

Get the things ready for applying nail polish and be seated in a place well ventilated and where you have sufficient light. You will need nail clippers, filer, nail polish of your desired color, base coat and top coat nail polish.

Prepare Your Nails

Before starting to paint your nails, it is necessary to prepare your nails. Cut your nails to the required length and file them to a desired shape. Using a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick gently push back the cuticles.

Preparing Your Nail

Using the pusher remove any dirt and debris from the nails. Remove any traces of old nail polish using a nail polish remover.

Apply The Base Coat

Once you have clean nails, apply a layer or two of base coat.  Two thin coats are better than a single thick coat. It is necessary to apply a base coat always as it smoothes the nail and makes your nail polish apply better. Because of the presence of base coat the nail polish doesn’t chips off and lasts longer. It also protects your nail from staining. Allow the base coat to dry before you proceed.

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Time For Nail Polish

Do not shake the nail polish bottle as it creates a lot of bubbles which will eventually show up on your nails. Instead roll the bottle between your palms for around 30 seconds. By doing this way bubbles are not created and you will get a smooth finish on the nails. Even if you have shaken the bottle, keep the bottle aside for 10 minutes to allow the bubbles to settle. Take out the brush and remove the excess paint from one side of the brush onto the inner rim of the bottle.

How To Make Nail Polish Stay Long

The common method for painting the nails is three stroke method. Apply a stripe of nail paint at the center of your nail from cuticle down the length of your nail. Re-dip the brush and make similar strips on either side of the center strip so that the even color is distributed throughout the nail. If you want you can apply second or third coat but only after the previous coat has fully dried.

Apply The Top Coat

Applying the top coat is an integral part of paining your nails, never miss that. Once your nail polish is completely dried apply a transparent, shiny top coat. It seals and protects the color of your nail polish and helps your nail polish stay for longer.

Final Tip: Painting your nails from the non-dominant hand can be tricky. Only practice can make you an expert in painting your nails evenly from both the hands.