5 Steps For How To Do Manicure Easily At Home


Our hand tolerates every situation as we do all the works with them. They are used to do official jobs as well as household work too. To maintain beautiful hands we need manicure for our hand. Every body of us used to go in salon when we want to do a manicure. Salons many times charge a lot to do a manicure. And some times we do not have so much of time to go to the salon. There are manicure kits and products are available in market by which we can do manicure in our home easily. It will save both time and money. So try to do your manicure in your home. It has some simple steps which are very easy to do.

List Of 5 Steps For How To Do Manicure Easily At Home

Soak Hands

Firstly take Luke warm water in a flat pot and put little amount of liquid hand wash or shampoo in it. Now soak your fingers in to this water for 10 minutes to soften. It will moisten the skin and nails of your hand. When your nails get wet it is easier to shape them. Take tooth brush and apply the brushing technique on your nails to clean them. Now wipe your hands with a dry towel.


Shape Your Nails

Your nails are now in a wet condition which is very easy to give them proper shape. Choose a light weight and durable nail cutter to cut your nails in desired shape. Cut your nails in your favorite shape, but never chose a pointed nail, as it will break easily. You can use a nail scissor to cut the awkward sized nails. Use a metal file to give the final finish to your nails. Smooth your rough nails with a sanding file which is easily available in market. If you want a proper manicure it is important to get properly shaped nails.


Scrub The Dead Cells Off

The skin of your hand contains a lot of dead skin cells on it which makes your hands dull. To remove the dead cells of your hand you will need a hand scrub. There are several hand scrubs are available in market; you may choice one of them. Or you can try home made hand scrubbers to get rid from the dead skin cells. Apply exfoliating hand scrub in small circular motions on your hands. Rinse your hands with normal water when it gets finished.


Soften Your Hands

Now take a good quality cuticle softener which is easily available in leading cosmetics store. Apply a small amount of this cuticle softener on the nail. Take a cuticle pusher or remover to remove the cuticles of your nails. To do this you will have to gently push back the cuticles of your nails. It will give you neat hands and also help your nails to grow stronger.


Hydrate Your Hands

When you do house hold jobs such as washing, cleaning, dusting etc. with your hands it get in touch with several soaps and cleaners which contains harmful chemicals. They have a very harsh effect on your skin. As a result the skin of your hands gets so rough and it looks ugly. Now it is the time to pamper your hands. Apply a fast absorbing hand cream on both of your hands and massage well. It will smoothen your hands and give you a soft hand in few minutes. The massage will increase the blood circulation in your hands.