5 Stages Of Breast Development In Teen Girls

Stages Of Breast Development In Teen Girls

Every girl’s breasts grow and develop as she grows and turns from a girl to a woman. Teenage girls are always worried about the size of their breasts and whether they will grow to be full and normal like others. This is an issue which is not often discussed openly by many, but causes a lot of anxiety. There are plenty of questions that a teenage girl would like answered, but there is nobody to turn to for advice.

Normal breast development stages are explained in this article and will help you to learn which stage you are in. If the size of your breasts is smaller or larger than others, stop worrying about it. The growth varies in different people, but the functioning is never affected by size. As you grow older, and have children, you will find that your breast size should not be a cause of worry. Have a look at these developmental stages of breasts in teen girls.

Stages Of Breast Development In Teen Girls

1. Childhood Stage

The breasts do not start to develop before puberty, this being the pre-adolescent stage. This is the childhood stage, where the breasts are almost flat and only the nipples are raised slightly. There is not much distinction between breasts of males and females at this stage. No special development of the breasts is seen in girls during this stage.

2. Breast Buds Are Formed

As a teen girl, you will realize that the breasts begin to develop when you have just entered your teens. This stage is seen at 8-14 years of age, when a small bud appears under your nipples, which appear larger due to the breast buds. The areola appears enlarged and darkened at this stage.

3. Breasts Become Larger

Your breasts continue to grow and get larger during this stage which can be seen in girls between the ages of 9-15. The areolas grow further in size and the nipples also seem larger. Now, your breasts are more fuller and rounder, and almost like those of adults in appearance, but they still happen to be smaller in most cases. It may take a few months to almost two years for this stage to last in different teen girls.

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4. Nipples And Areolas Form A Mound

This stage is seen in teen girls between 10-16 years of age. If you are a teen girl going through this phase, you will notice that the areolas and nipples have become larger, forming a small mound over each breast. The breasts appear pointed or conical shaped at this stage. The milk ducts form fully by this time. Some teen girls might experience pain during this stage as the skin stretches too fast during development. It is essential to wear good quality support bras during this stage.

5. Adult

Stage 5 appears between 12-19 years of age, and now the breasts have developed completely in almost all teen girls. However, some teens might still experience growth for some more time. The breast are now of the adult size, being fully rounded with the nipples raised. The milk ducts and your breast tissues have developed fully by now. The breast size may be different in different girls, and will take its final shape only after child birth.