5 Sports To Play To See Body Changes


If you are one of those individuals who is trying to lose weight or get in shape, then playing sports is one of the best options for you. Sports can provide a complete body workout without trying too hard. You can actually play different sports at the same time and see the visible changes. Some of the sports tone and strengthen while the other sports are going to improve endurance.

These Are Sport Activities That Are Going To Help You Get One Hell Of A Workout-

Tennis For Arm Strength

Tennis players had flowing, smooth and long strokes in the days when wooden rackets were used for playing tennis. However, today’s game differs from the traditional game to a great extent because now it is focused on aggressive strokes which are a combination of power and spin. Some of the changes can be contributed to the technology which is being used to make the rackets nowadays. Now rackets are designed specifically for a wide array of playing styles and various skill levels. In terms of size, weight, length and flexibility, all kinds of rackets vary. With these rackets you are able to improve your arm strength, including shoulders, upper arms, wrists, etc. Tennis not only improves your arm strength but also adds to increasing agility, works on the lower body and helps you get a better grip.


Golf For Mental And Physical Strength

If you have an interest in golf and you want to master the sport, there is one thing you must know. Golf, unlike most other games is not just about possessing the essential skills and techniques. In addition to the requisite mechanical training and talent, mental discipline plays and extremely significant role in determining the level of golfer you are or can potentially be. It is believed that 90% of the performance is mentally controlled when golfers with the similar skill set compete against each other. However, the mental game of golf is given the least amount of attention during training because most golfers are ignorant about the role the mind plays in this game. Golf is not just about the physical play, nor is it just about the mental skills; it is about the coordination between the body and the mind. While most people train themselves on the mechanics involved in the game, they forget that the mental-discipline will help them win games and titles. Repeated mechanical training over the time will help you develop the appropriate swings and shots.


Soccer/ Hockey

Yes girls are acing this game and it is one of the best ways to tone your lower body. Both hockey and soccer require you to run around the field. The sport not only works on the muscles on the entire lower body but gives you a superb cardio workout too. Unlike other sports that require minimum running, soccer and hockey are all about endurance and improving your fitness levels. You an ace the game with regular practice and ensure that you are able to push yourself mentally to attain more. The idea is to score.



This is one of the best all weather sports that you can indulge in. For those who are looking for a complete body workout, with minimal risks of injuries, less of sweat and increase your fitness levels then swimming is the sport of your choice. You can do it in the winters in indoor pools or opt for an outdoor pool during the rainy seasons. It is an activity that puts minimal pressure on the knees so it is ideal for girls of all ages. You can work out and enhance stamina with time. You can try out different kinds of strokes and work on the complete body. You can also do water aerobics so that your entire body, including abs are targeted.



Another sports that girls can really indulge in is running. Again, it is a sport that offers you a complete cardio blast work out. You don’t have to try too hard for this and it can be done in a sports stadium near your home or workplace or even when you go jogging in the morning. Running offers the dual benefit of aerobics with sprinting. You can run for 20-30 seconds then jog or walk lightly. This will gradually enhance and improve your stamina while providing a complete workout. For this sport, intensive training is needed, which helps you to stay lean and get fitter. Muscles of the entire body are worked out and even some strength training is done during the process of improving your speed.