5 Sneaky Eating Tips To Help You Lose Weight

5 Sneaky Eating Tips To Help You Lose Weight Smart eating and sound nutrition can go a long way in making you burn calories and helping you to lose the excess pounds. The habitual snacking of unhealthy foods and poor meal timings are the biggest culprits of weight gain. Did you know that tailoring your eating habits moderately could help you to lose weight? You do not have to starve or go on crash diets. Take solace from these 5 sneaky eating tips to help you lose weight.

Eating Tips To Lose Weight

Change Your Plate Sizes and Monitor Your Portions

Portion control is the name of the game. The standard plate size in any country today is 12-14 inches. This can make you unknowingly load up your plate and make you binge without a second thought.

In fact, most restaurants in US are known for their humungous portions making you put an unhealthy amount of calories. On top of that, we as a society have been conditioned to finish what is on our plate and have issues with wasted food.

Instead of going in for the standard plate size, keep some quarter plates in your home especially if you are on a weight loss programme. Fill up your quarter plate and chew the food on it as slowly as you can. Not only will you enjoy your meal but will also take fewer calories and this will eventually help you to lose weight.

Fill Your Stomach Up with Water and Salads

Another sneaky way of avoiding those calories is to have a huge glass of water 20 minutes before your main meal. This will give an immediate signal to your brain and you will feel full. Follow this up by a big bowlful of salad or assorted veggies.

5 Sneaky Eating Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Toss your salad in just a teaspoon of olive oil, which you can use as a dressing. Make sure your salad comprises of fibrous veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and watercress.

These veggies are great for digestion, & weight loss and help you to eat lesser when the main course is served. Follow the same principle when you are going out to the restaurant to eat.

Always opt for low fat salads instead of fatty pastas and fried potatoes. Take a second helping of salads and veggies if you are extremely hungry. Browse the internet for interesting, low fat salad dressings so that your salads do not taste boring.

Pre-Plated Meals

Having pre-plated meals is an excellent way of avoiding the intake of excess calories. Appoint a person in your family who has moderate and healthy eating habits and ask him/her to pre-plate all meals for each family member directly from the stove.

When you do not serve appetizing dishes on the table, you are less tempted to take second and third helpings. The person should serve the food directly from the kitchen. Once you are through, resist the urge to ask for seconds.

Make sure your plate has more of salads, fruits and lentils and less of carbs, potatoes and rice. You can also include small portions of lean chicken or fish in your pre-plated meals.

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Eat Breakfast and Have 6-7 Small Meals Throughout the Day

The biggest reason why people have a tough time losing weight is because they do not follow the right approach to food. They think that starvation diets and eating really less will help them to burn fat. This is false.

5 Sneaky Eating Tips To Help You Lose Weight

In fact, one must start the day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. Your breakfast should consist of a healthy mix of fibre, carbs and proteins. The best breakfast combinations are – toast and eggs, whole grain cereal, oats with fruits/nuts, whole-wheat pancakes or a healthy fruit smoothie.

You can also start your day with egg whites and fruits. A breakfast kick starts your metabolism, not only providing you energy to carry on with your day but also helping you burn calories. You are less likely to feel hungry during the remainder of the day if you have a decent breakfast.

This also prevents binge fests during the day. You should also endeavour to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day instead of the conventional 3 meals.

Eating frequently every 2-3 hours will keep your blood sugar elevated, prevent hunger pangs and help burn calories. This is the ideal eating plan for people who are trying to lose weight and get slim.

Monitor Your Drinks and Beverages

One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that a number of hidden calories come from the drinks, alcohol and the juices that they consume. Fruit juices despite their health claims, are loaded with sugar and can give you a sizeable number of calories.

The same goes for tea/coffee especially if you are drinking these throughout the day. Instead, have just 1-2 cups of sugarless black coffee or herbal teas like green tea and chamomile tea. Restrict your intake of sugar in these beverages and opt for skimmed milk if you cannot tolerate your coffee black.

Alcohol has more hidden calories than any other drink. Beer is calorie laden and often men and women are seen downing pints and pints of beer while strictly monitoring their diet. This will eventually be of no use as your drinking can make up for any calorie deficit.

In fact, alcohol should be completely avoided if you are planning on losing weight and getting fit. Opt for healthy drinks like unsweetened lime juice, coconut water, plain water and unsweetened herbal teas.

Having these will fill you up and prevent you from consuming excess calories through juices and beverages. When out stay away from colas and sodas even if they are diet ones, as these are not good for your health.

These 5 sneaky eating tips can go a long way in preventing you from binging on unhealthy foods and over a period of time you will not only feel lighter but will also look lighter after having burned all the excess calories. Combined with exercise these sneaky eating tips will give you a svelte and fit figure.