5 Side Effects Of Progesterone

Side Effects Of Progesterone Progesterone is a hormone secreted by the female reproductive system. It is required for maintaining the inner lining of blood and tissue in the uterus called endometrial lining. This lining prepares uterus for carrying the foetus. Progesterone has a close connection with the menstrual cycle too.

If the production of this hormone is imbalanced then it is likely to cause irregular periods and difficulty in preserving the conception. Progesterone is given externally in cases of pregnancies where the woman experiences bleeding.

In case of menopausal women or the ones suffering from hormonal imbalance, the hormone replacement therapy involving progesterone may be administered. Progesterone may show some side effects which can normally be expected with the therapy. However, if they cause discomfort or become severe it is better to consult the doctor.

Progesterone Side Effects


It may cause headache and pain around the eye region. Many women complain of migraine kind of headache after the progesterone has been administered on them. A study shows that pills are more likely to cause headache than the cream or gel.

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The hormone can also worsen the pre menstrual syndrome making you moody and drowsy. It can also include headache if you have taken this treatment recently around the periods.


Anxiety attacks in form of panic and confusion may inflict you ones the external dosage of progesterone has been ingested by the body. Dizziness along with a bout of nausea is also a common occurrence as the progesterone levels surge suddenly in the body.

This happens as the hormone can cause the heart to beat much faster. Many women experience depression like symptoms too. Sleeplessness and general restlessness is also reported in many cases.

Vaginal Bleeding

Usually in case of pregnant women, the progesterone is given in order to restore the endometrial tissue and blood that is lost in the bleeding or where the gynaecologist finds that the lining is not thick enough. But in pregnant women intake of progesterone may cause irritation in the cervix which may begin to bleed a little.

Symptoms of Excessive Vaginal Bleeding

This may cause spotting. You must report it to the doctor immediately who can check if the blood has not seeped in to the sac or to confirm if it indeed is the cervix and not the lining that is causing the bleeding. Mostly the suppositories are responsible for this condition and therefore, injection or pills  are given during pregnancy.


Progesterone may cause numbness in your limbs and hands. The numbness may also translate in to weakness of extremities. This happens especially where progesterone is injected in an oil fluid in the hip. If the numbness occurs in chest along with pain, then you must consult the doctor immediately. The numbness and headaches may indicate clot in the brain or eye.

Jaundice And Flu

After the hormonal therapy if your skin or white region of eyes is turning pale and yellowish and you are experiencing chills and weakness, these could be side effects of progesterone.

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This hormone can cause jaundice and flu like symptoms by affecting the liver. It is the surge of bile deposit that gives the yellowish tinge to your body and eyes.