5 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After 40


Weight gain and weight loss has been of utmost importance for all women across the world irrespective of the age group they belong to. Starting from the teenage girl who goes to either school or college, to a mid twenty woman who attends office and also to a person who has attained menopause at the age of forty’s, weight gain has been always an issue. However, for a girl or a woman who are yet to reach the age of forty are likely to fight off the causes of weight gain and on exercising actively and checking a bit on the food intake in the long run, rather than a woman in her forties fighting this out that easily. This change is due to a lot of reasons that the woman in her forties undergo.

Some Of The Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After 40 Are Discussed Below:

Impact Of The Hormones

One of the most important reasons behind the excessive and easy weight gain in women after reaching their forties is hormonal imbalance and changes. In their forties, a woman experiences the peri-menopause state where the ovaries are constantly decreasing their estrogen secretion. As a result of reduced quantity estrogen in the body, the body is likely to retain more amount of fat in order to maintain the optimum balance in the hormones resulting into weight gain.


Increased Dependence Of Medications

When a person touches forty, it is most likely that the person is starting to take medications which are prescribed to keep their body in a proper working condition. Unfortunately, some of the prescribed medicines like anti-depressants and corticosteroids have a weight gaining impact on the body, thus increasing the weight gain issue.


Progesterone Level Issues

At forties when a woman is yet to reach the menopause state, the body reduces the production of progesterone which may cause water retention and bloating in the body which added to weight gain gives the impression of too much of body weight as well.

Metabolism Issues

With the time that the body gets old, the metabolism rate of the body decreases and this is also one of the main causes of the start of weight gain in the forties. Slower metabolism rate means that the body will be able to burn lesser calories and which eventually leads to the accumulation of unwanted fat all over.

Physical Activity

Another major reason for weight gain in women is the lack of proper physical activity in them which helps them in burning the extra calories and which reduces the amount of fat content in the body too.