5 Quick Ways To Fake A Natural Blush

5 Quick Ways To Fake a Natural Blush

Girls enjoy make up, perfumes and all the things that help the girls to radiate with pleasure. It is true that the loveliest looking girl can elevate her appearance with natural rosy cheeks. If you are looking for time saving beauty hacks there are many ways that you may use a blush to brighten up your appearance and not one of them need too much time to execute. Do not think that the makeup merchandise is exclusively used for dusting on your cheeks bones but you can use it in more than only one style. It also depends on which product you use and how to use that product. The blush in your make up kit can aid in the brightening up your face with a cute rosy flush. That is the reason that blush should have a special place in the makeup kit definitely.

Blush Hack 1: Play Up Your Skin Tone With The Right Shade

It is very important for all the women that use makeup products to research and realize which shade of blush shade and color would match the tone of the skin. As it is true and safe to use to use a natural looking flush you really want to make the blush you use complements the tone of your skin. Softer and subtler shades of pink will elevate the natural beauty of any face. Darker skin tone can look awesome with darker shades of blush and carry them excellently.

Blush Hack 2: Pick The Right Formula For Your Skin Type

Take care if you have dry skin for powder can get into the creases of your lines and you would become a laughing stock and center of attraction in a party or wedding. That is the reason a cream blush is the best choice or alternative for you. On the other hand if you have an oily skin then powder blush should be the best choice for you as a cream or lotion formulae will make you look dripping with them.

Blush Hack 3: Apply It With The Right Tools

Look for the correct blush for the tone of your skin and place it cleverly on the face that is very important. You may be ignoring another very valuable aspect that is how you will put the blush onto your face. Even though you may have the best flattering blush color if you do not apply it properly you could finally look streaky and outlandish that no one would want to have or look like. If you are using powder blush using a fan brush would be wise so that you can gently brush it on your cheeks. If you are using liquid or cream blush you may use a makeup sponge or you can do it with your fingers.

Blush Hack 4: Use It To Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

It is not necessary that you should use the blush only on your cheeks. After you finish your face makeup you may use a fluffy eye shadow brush to put on just the required blush hue to your brow bone just next to your inner part of the eye. This small tinge of hue can aid to do alike for the eyes too that is done for the cheeks also which means it will aid in making your eyes appear brighter and attractive.

Blush Hack 5: Save Time With A Double Duty Formula

Look out for a blush that is cream based and it will help to wipe away the dull appearance so that you are not just increasing a shade of color on you cheeks. Squeeze out a small quantity of blush on the back of your palm and start applying it with the finger tips onto the cheek center. Gently spread the cream upwards so that it aids to define the cheekbones.