5 Prom Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

A prom night is a big day for any teenager. Getting ready for the prom night is a complicated task, especially for girls. Just a beautiful prom dress and a stunning hairstyle are not enough to make you the prom beauty. To shine like a star on the prom night, you would need to start preparing yourself a few days before the big night. If your are feeling excited and have no idea how to prepare you  ahead of time for prom, here are a few beauty tips that can be of some help to you. Checkout the tips below!

 Here Are 5 Beauty Tips For Prom:

1. Exfoliate

You cannot make your skin glow from inside in just one day. Dead skin will make the skin look dull, dry and flaky. To brighten and improve complexion, it is necessary to exfoliate. So exfoliating is an important aspect of skincare routine. You can use natural exfoliating agents, which cause no harm to your young skin and also nourish the skin, for example, honey, blackberry seeds, oatmeal, etc. You can also go for a commercial exfoliating scrub. Start using the exfoliating agent, when you have a couple of days for the prom night. This will help you get a soft and silky skin.


2. Whiten Your Teeth

A bright smile is not only so beautiful but also boosts confidence. There are many good solutions to get white teeth. However, whitening toothpaste is a simple way to remove stains and brighten teeth. Start using the whitening toothpaste a few weeks prior to the prom. Brush your teeth twice a day using the same. Certain habits such as drinking dark colored soda, tea and coffee, red wine would result in yellowing of teeth so avoid those to protect the color of your teeth.

Whiten your teeth

3. Face Mask

Acne, blackheads, skin reddening, blemishes, etc are difficult to work on in just one day. Doing something drastic on the night prior to prom cannot be helpful and is not a good idea too. So it is better to start preparing your skin a week or two prior to the big day. Moreover, going for natural skincare masks and scrubs would be a good idea as those are safe and skin friendly. Try clay, nutmeg-milk scrub, oatmeal-honey mask, cucumber-tea mask, banana mask or a yogurt mask from two weeks prior to prom night for a gorgeous skin.

face pack

4. Nails

Manicure is one of the top priorities when you prepare yourself for the big night. Every small detail is important and healthy, strong, un-chipped nails with smooth gleaming surface make the beautification process easier. To get such strong and beautiful nails, start applying nail oil regularly on the skin surrounding the nails a few days prior to the prom night. Make sure you shape your nails and apply clean polish every 5th day. Protect your nails from getting damaged before the prom.


5. Fragrance

Smelling sophisticated is as important as looking beautiful in the prom. Pick a subtle yet a noticeable fragrance that goes well with your look and personality. The fragrance should be long lasting but not overpowering. Do not spray the perfume all over your dress because if you are overloaded with your perfume, it would be difficult for people around you to breathe. So, just dab a little bit on your wrist and neck. You can also use a body wash that has same scent as your perfume for a long lasting fragrance.