5 Possible Signs Of Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Breast Cancer during Pregnancy During pregnancy, the most transformed part of the woman’s body is her breasts. They tend to get tender, blow up or become lumpy or pee mysterious things.

Majority of pregnant women find these changes as very strange experience. In spite of these usual pregnancy changes, every woman need to be vigilant and undergo regular breast self examination and must report whatever seems suspicious at her end.

Breast tenderness may not be the reason to worry but hard lumps surely are. Quick action will save one from any dire consequences. On an average, a woman delays in reporting any breast lump formed during her pregnancy by 5 to 15 months that may lead to full borne breast cancer.

Breast cancer is observed in every one out of 1000 women during pregnancy and is caused due to malignant cells formation within the breast tissues. A pregnant woman is diagnosed with this cancer at much later stage than in women who are not pregnant, owing to usual abrupt and sudden changes in breast, during pregnancy that masks the breast cancer signs.

Important Signs Of Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Identification Of Lump

If women come across any new lump or knots in the armpit region or in and around the breast, she must try to feel for the same in another breast. In case it is present in both the breasts, it is probably a part of usual breast anatomy changes that happen during pregnancy.

Lumpy Feeling in the Breast

Examine the lumps by pressing them and in case, they appear smooth, soft and moveable, then these are normal, non cancerous structure. But, in case lumps appear as fixed, hard and irregular in shape, it could be cancerous lumps. One must visit the doctor and undergo mammography examination of the breast.

Breast Thickening

Swelling or thickening of breast with alterations in breast symmetry, shape and size is another breast cancer sign. Moreover, one may also observe puckering, dimpling or skin texture changes in the breast that can be signals of breast cancer.

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Nipple Changes

Breast nipple may possibly look red, scaly and possibly retracted. There may be certain swelling and irritation on breast, nipple or areola region.

Unusual Discharge

Diagnose Vaginal Discharge

Nipple may show some abnormal discharge that could be yellow, green, bloody red or clear fluid resembling pus. The discharge may happen without squeezing or pressing the nipples.

Itching And Pain

Itching in the nipple, breast pain, discomfort or tenderness in one of the breast are possible signs of abnormal changes of breast that may be indicative of cancerous growth.  Advanced breast cancer stage may show swelling in the adjacent arm, extreme pain in bones, excessive weight loss and skin ulcers. Finding a lump should not cause panic as it may be just benign, but make sure to routinely get the breasts examined by the health practitioner, for any of these plausible signs that exist, but go unnoticed.

Early intervention by the doctor will relive one from the fear of having a breast cancer or not. In majority of cases, the breast lumps observed are benign and those which are cancerous are also treated effectively, if the treatment is initiated early. The treatment usually does not show impact on the normal pregnancy and healthy birth of the child.