5 Popular Polo Perfumes For Women

5 Popular Polo Perfumes For Women

Polo brand of perfumes is a famous brand of perfume for both the sex. the famous American designer Ralph Lauren introduced this beautiful fragrance partnering with L’Oreal in the year 1978. The polo series tasted its first success with the perfume in the year 1979 when they introduced Chaps and Tuxedo for men and women respectively. From there was no turning back, every year new perfumes were launched and have become very much popular. Till date Ralph Lauren launched 56 perfumes in collaboration with various famous fashion designers like Ellen Molner, Jim Krivda, Linda Kramer, Carlos Benaim and many more. Women of all the ages love just love this beautiful polo perfumes. Here we present you the top 5 polo perfumes for women. Trust me the fragrance of all these 5 edition will mesmerized you and will make the opposite sex fall for you.

Polo Sport (women)

This polo edition perfume was launched in the year 1997 and is still popular even today because of its lovely aromatic aroma. The aroma of the perfume is mainly of lemon, melons and mint, rose, sandalwood, and other beautiful floral fragrance.

polo sport

Modern Reserve From Polo Series For Women

The modern reserve from polo series was launched in the year 2008. The main ingredients of the perfume mainly include pimento, cardamom, floral aroma of jasmine and basil. The fragrance of the perfume will give a fresh feeling. This limited edition perfume has come in beautiful green color bottle.


Blue From Polo

The blue perfume form the polo series was launched in the year 2003. The perfume has a lovely aromatic smell which will definitely mesmerize you. The main ingredients mainly include aromas of orange, cucumber, melon and woody and musky fragrance.


Red White And Blue From Polo

The perfume is for both the sex. The perfume has become very much popular since the time it has launched. The perfume contains the fruity smell of apple and floral aroma of lavender.

red nad white

Extreme Polo Sport

This limited edition famous perfume for women mainly comprises the spicy and aromatic fragrance of pepper, mint, coriander and berries. The aroma of the perfume is simply mind blowing.

extream  sport